Delays at Coventry BHX4 Depot



I would like to know if anyone is experiencing any issues in getting goods delivered to BHX4 in the last week.
We send all our goods on pallets LTL and usually delivered within 2-4 working days. However, the last week we are getting delivery slots with delays of upto 15 days.

Has anyone else got the same issue?


Please check this thread from yesterday where issues at the BHX4 Amazon warehouse are being discussed:


I have constant problems with this depot and its been like this for over a year now, I only sent parcels into BHX4 which I have been told by Amazon dispatch support that they do not need booking in, but my carrier APC are always told they have to be booked in by this depot. They are a complete nightmare and I get hold ups for up to a month or more on my parcels because of this situation.

When my carrier does get a booking time its always something stupid like 2.30am in the morning when they do not deliver as well. Something definitely needs to be done about this depot because it was exactly the same last year for me with the lead up to christmas