Delays with DHL partner carrier shipments in Germany



We booked in a shipment on Seller Central to be shipped from our 3PL warehouse in Germany into the Amazon DE fulfillment centre and set the shipping date as 26/1/23. We generated the labels for our warehouse to apply to the boxes (80 cartons) but they advised that they are still awaiting collection…

We have raised with DHL to ask when they will be collecting them, but they won’t deal with us and have said to ask Amazon to raise the investigation request as their contract is with Amazon and not us.

When I raised with seller central they said the shipment status is “working” and it is up to the carrier to collect the goods. We usually do smaller shipments and they are usually collected within a day or so, this is the first time the goods are waiting for almost a month to be collected now, so asked Amazon if we cancel and rebook is that ok, but they said we can cancel but we won’t get a refund of the fees already paid as it is past the 24 hour window. I did explain but they haven’t been collected still but they pointed me to some terms and conditions which says they can take up to 3 months to collect the goods.

Has anyone else had issues with DHL not collecting goods in Germany and not being able to get an idea of when/if they will be collected ?? This was supposed to be a short/quick delivery so frustrating that after a month of being ready for collection we are still no further forward :frowning:


I’m not familiar with DHL specifically, but if it works anything like the way UPS does here in the UK, you will have to book a collection in.
Just giving a shipment date, won’t actually do anything.


Thanks Neil - you were spot on ! Turns out the German warehouse we were using doesn’t have an agreement with DHL for daily collections in place (unlike all other warehouse partners we use). So we raised that with our freight forwarder to check who exactly is supposed to book that collection in as Amazon points us back to DHL and DHL won’t talk to us as their contract is with Amazon…

So we had to ask our forwarder to book that collection in with DHL for their warehouse that they were using for our goods - they have done so now so fingers crossed that actually goes through now…

All our other warehouse providers where we use the PCP service with UPS/DHL don’t need us to book things in because they already have agreements in place with the carriers for daily collections anyway.

You learn something new every day !! :slight_smile:

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