Delivery dates for selling Toys on Amazon UK are all wrong - for all sellers!


Amazon uk have changed all my delivery dates for items in the Toys category to 18 days earliest. All my other listings in other categories remain correct at 4 days.

They appear to have done this to all sellers that are not Fulfilled by Amazon!

Any advice or info as to what is going on and why they would do this at this important time of the year?

(Just spoke to their help dept for 35 mins and was unable to teach the person how to even see where the delivery dates for sellers are on the Amazon listing page for each item).


There seems to be a site wide glitch with postage options this morning - amazon tinkering again !


I’m not seeing this on our account


Are you looking on the actual site rather than the back end. Check the actual product listing.


Thanks. Glad to know I am not the only one suffering.


Yes, customer side is showing correctly for our toy category listings.


Things were partially back to normal earlier today, but now all delivery dates in the Toy category are wrong again.