Delivery delays to fulfilment centre


Sent a shipment yesterday via dpd to MAN1 and have just checked the tracking and amazon have requested the delivery be delayed til next Tuesday.

Our deliveries are usually delivered within 48hrs so a bit annoyed that it’s going to be an entire week before delivery is even attempted.

Anyone else experienced this long of a delay?

Might have to send extra units in sooner than planned to account for long delays. Yay!!


Hi the fulfilment centers currently seem to have a back log in processing from 2-5 weeks location depending, we always use amazon partnered carrier UPS as they give a better discount than what we get from our account with UPS its usually only about 3£3.40 per box but they are picking up etc. on time for us just getting delayed at the local centers.
We have monitored our time frames this last couple of months and 2.5-3.5 weeks seems to have been our average waiting on stock getting in so we have been trying to build up at the back end to prevent future shortages as some of our lines keep running out before we can get them through.


That’s exactly why we don’t use UPS. We send shipments to amazon on a daily basis and up until the shipment we sent yesterday, every shipment has been delivered within 48hrs and checked in within 24 hours of delivery. The only time we tried UPS via amazon, amazon delayed the shipment time and time again.

I did wonder whether due to amazons relationship with UPS, maybe they have more control over when deliveries take place.


Hi I never knew there was that little cheat in all the time I have been selling on Amazon lol
I always thought the que was from the shipment prep we have been maxing our stock limits upto as much as what we have the space for so we can try and hold a constant large backfill from what we would have done normally.

So I have to say mind thats what you get for cheating the system but its a great idea and I will be following you lol but I guess its just delays we are having to send inventory to other than our normal so guess the guys are just overcapacity with the distancing etc.


All the MAN fc’s have long delays been like that for weeks.


We currently have three shipments delayed. 1 to MAN1 and 2 to BHX4. We can see from our shipment history BHX4 for used to be fast and delivery was usually made within 48 hrs.

It seems like there are delays to all fulfilment centres over the last few months.

We have run out of inventory for half of our product lines. Sales sort of plummeted as FBA inventory sells more due to free faster shipping service.


Arranged the shipment via UPS as well. Currently on hold for 2 days waiting to be processed at BHX4. Not sure what to expect as I can see in here everyone is mentioning weeks of back logs.


Only three - try 12 dating back to 19th July. Have tried getting answers from both UPS & Amazon without any luck.
Having to revert to FBM but the extra cost involved in increased stockholding to cope & the time involved is a bit of a pain to say the least.


My delivery to EUKA was requested to be delayed but only for 2 days.

After we weren’t allowed to replenish stock at the beginning of the lock down it was pretty clear that there was going to be a mad rush and bottlenecks once we were allowed to send in again.

Like others seem to be doing, I am trying to replenish sooner than I would have before and to send in larger amounts when I do, it’s a pain but it’s all we can do.


Got an answer from Amazon - for what it’s worth - as follows

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Having read your email, I understand that you would like to investigate us about the slowness of the UPS carrier. I will certainly help with this information.​

I’d like to inform you that this type of slowness occurs only because of covid 19 issue. Once this issue have been fixed then it will com back with the normal process.

Since you are using Amazon partner carrier, we will take responsible for deliver and receive the parcel, the parcel might be delay in delivery due to some external facts. There is no further active from seller end. Once the units received, we will start the receiving process.

Most products will be received within 14 days after the entire shipment has been scanned at an Amazon fulfilment centre. However, some shipments can take longer to complete if issues are encountered during the receiving process or if products are reshipped to other locations in order to store them closer to customers.​

Waiting until that date helps ensure that the products in your shipment have had sufficient time to reach the appropriate fulfilment centres, including your products that need to be reshipped to other locations in order to be closer to customers. Kindly wait till the target date so that your units will be shipped / delivered.

For more information about Reconcile your shipment verify the below link:

Please let us know how we did.


Top tip to you all, DO NOT use UPS. Simple.

We use DPD and 99% of the time deliveries are within 48hrs. We have only had the one shipment that was delayed for a week in the almost 2 years that we have been using FBA.


I might use DPD for my next shipments. How does the cost workout compared to UPS?


They are quite a bit more than UPS to be fair but I just think about the additional units I’d sell in the time that UPS would delay the shipment.

As an example, a 15KG box of products costs about £3.90 if I remember correctly, whereas the same 15KG box will cost £8.40. We get 36 units in a 15KG box so works out at 12.5p extra per unit.

We have just started using Parcelforce as a courier but haven’t tried using them to send to FBA yet but the rate we get with parcelforce is £5.69 per parcel up to 30kg.


If your paying that much with DPD, you want to get in touch with them. You can do a lot better than that.
They also charge differently to UPS. They charge for the first 10kg, then a price per KG after that.
In my case, I exclusively use DPD to send to Amazon (and elsewhere), but I get it cheaper than Amazon charge with UPS. But that is dependent on the weight that is sent. If it’s only one box for less than 10kg, it will cost more.


Out of interest @Neil what is your 10kg price? We pay £6.90 for the first 10kg and then 30p per kg after (plus vat). We aren’t a high volume sender with dpd and send about 10-15 parcels a week. We send more at present with APC but trying out Parcelforce at present.

The thing I like about dpd is that if we send multiple boxes in the same consignment the price is calculated on the total weight of the consignment rather than the per box weight.


No offence, but I’m not going to tell you, other than it’s a fair bit better then what your getting.
I did an awful lot of dealing and had a great manager…
They subsequently moved me to DPD local, which is a far poorer service.
Obviously once the price is committed, it’s there to stay.


We are with dpd local and don’t find the service particularly poor. We have been with them since they were Interlink Express. The only difference from what I can tell is that dpd local is franchised.

I did send them an email last week to say they needed to improve our rates if they don’t want us to use Parcelforce exclusively.

We even got quotes from the likes of DHL at £5.27 for up to 30kg.


Hi just on Apc they will lower your delivery rate as Amazon don’t recognise them we use them now and then.

If its a simple low cost courier DHL seem to be undercutting everyone at the moment, we have stuck with UPS and get a good price with them.

Everyone has thier preferred and as Neil says no one is going to say exactly what they pay other than average price


I bet DHL will beet that we stick with UPS and have a really good rate and they were going to undercut by 10p per parcel


Oh I didn’t say DPD local was a poor service, but in comparison to the manager I had at DPD, they are.
They guy I had looking after my account was brilliant. If he could do it, he would…
With DPD Local though, it’s like getting blood out of a stone. It’s franchised so all they are really interested in is making money. And my point of contact there has gone from a great manager, to a service desk! Not a patch on the original service. Have even asked to move back, but I can’t because of the way they are doing things now.

I actually used to use Parcelforce but moved away from them as I wanted to use DPD for SFP.
Far better for rates to keep everything in the one place, if possible.