Desperate for help please! Account Suspended and feel like I am speaking to Robots!


My account has been been deactivated due to me mistakenly piggy backing on an ASIN that has a brand and TM attached to it (It never had the TM at the time of me doing this - but has from Jan this year)

Every time I submit my POA it comes back that more information is needed.

I am in the wrong here as I never checked the ASIN and assumed it was ‘Generic’…however, I seem to be getting nowhere fast and it is starting to become a tad frustrating.

Any help or guidance would be greatly apreciated!


You need to review past posts for IP/TM infringement suspension for clues on how best to appeal, the post below is not exactly the same as your sitution I guess, but the advise offered to address the issue by @Ruth_Amazon may offer some pointers on your appeal.


Thanks for taking the time to respond buddy - I will take a look…


Hello @Estuary_Online,

Thank you for getting in touch, I understand it must be frustrating to find your appeal not being accepted. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

@The_Pink_Panther thank you for your inputs. @Estuary_Online please refer to the link Pink Panther has shared, it will be helpful towards your account as it is relevant to your issue.
Also if you could please share the appeal you sent to Seller Performance Team so the Forums community is able to provide further feedback which will help you in making your appeal stronger.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns the Forums community is here to help.