Detail Page Incorrect (product title and descriptions)


Bonjourno everyone,

I have noticed that my product title and descriptions for my best seller are not updating (ie the updated text I have inserted in the editing facility are not being reflected on the live product page). It has been some weeks, and the updated text did originally appear but has reverted back to a previous version, which is very odd.

Can anyone suggest why this might be the case and what action to rectify, please?



Someone else has amended it as well?
But if it won’t change on an edit.
Complete the edit, then raise a case with support.


Thanks @Neil

I should have mentioned that it is a unique product, so no one else can amend as such.

I appreciate your help and will raise this with SS,

have a good day,



Oh crikes here we go.

So i have opened a case. This is what SS said:

'I understand that you wish to update the title and the bullet points for the ASIN B07NDXWP41.

In order to make changes to the detail page it is mandatory to provide the manufacturer proof to verify the suggested changes with our catalog information. For us to be able to process your request, please write back to us with the following information:

  • Manufacturer’s or Publisher’s (for books) website URL clearly showing the suggested changes and the product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.)
  • Image of the physical item, clearly showing the suggested changes and product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.)

The case will remain open for the next 24 business hours so that you can write back to us with the information we requested. If we do not hear from you by this time the case will be closed automatically.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Quite what this dude is asking I do not know. All I want to do is have the correct text showing ion the title of the product and the bullet points asd per the edits I have made (which show on the edit fields but not on the liove product page. I own the bleeding listing and its unique. I don’t have a separate website.

And who lists their bullet points on the front of their products?

I like amazon very much, but why do we have to have our time wasted like this?


Actually you don’t - Amazon does. If you don’t have listing control then you need to prove the changes you are requesting apply to the product in question.

This is done by referring to the manufacturer website or with packaging photographs.


Thanks @peterb.

I must say I am confused, big time. I have listing control. Apologies I didn’t make that clear.

Because, the product is made by my business, I set up the asin on amazon, I own the EAN (or rent from GS1 or whatever), I put in all the text, I have previously been able to update the bullet points and title, and I cannot understand why I con no longer do this. I am the only business selling this. I do have the listing control, surely? I mean, no one else can possibly have listing control?! It is me that goes into the inventory page on seller central, and clicks ‘edit’.

Its these edited changes I make, which don’t get updated on the product page.


If for example, you are trying to enter an updated brand detail or change the title to show a new improved version this will not be accepted because a new product page / ASIN is required as per Amazon policy.
This would explain what appears to be the lack of listing control.


Because you don’t have listing control?

Amazon works its own mysteries, being the creator of a listing doesn’t guarantee future listing control, even when no-one else sells on it.


Okay, so why does Amazon allow me to have access to a page for editing details, but not allow me to make minor changes, which I have been doing successfully for 12 months.

And thank you @anglozone but the changes are just general revisions to the title and bullet points, (the product hasn’t changed)which I had made last year and were showing until recently.

I am confused. Still. But thank you for your contribution.


If that is the case and title length and other details conform (no html characters, ticks stars hearts etc…) then it does mean you have lost listing control.
Check on all marketplaces under the same ASIN for other sellers, even Amazon themselves with a warehouse return could inhibit the listing control, being classed as a higher ranked seller.


thanks @anglozone

I have done this. the ASIN in Question is only sold by me. There are no returns pending or in action.

The title conforms, too, as do the bullet points. I have worked hard on these, last year when the rules changed.


Ah, I have a thought. I also have a vendor account with amazon which i dont now use. . last year I wanted to see it it was worth putting the said ASIN here too. But decided against it. It has appeared as being sold by Amazon (they have sent me a PO but I have cancelled it) so maybe that is why I cant make changes? The advice I had was that using a vendor account could be damaging to my FBA business so I didn’t pursue it. SO quite how it has appeared as being sold by Amazon (though OOS at present because i havent sent, and wont be sending, any stock), I cannot say. But I wonder if that is why I cant make changes, now that Amazon has listed it as sold by them, too?

How on earth do I get out of this one.


Don’t waste your time just start a new listing !!!


First of all, all sellers of an ASIN have access to their own details to submit data. Amazon systems then decide whether to use that data or use the other submissions when they display the product details.

There are 2 possible views of the new data/detail you want to submit.
1 that Amazon considers it changes the product and hence will not show the new details as this new detail is essentially a different item.
2 the Amazon systems consider the original data a better description of the product.

As someone wrote, create a new ASIN, with new EAN.


…or sell it somewhere else instead.

This is a hardwired problem at Amazon and they can live with it. So must we.


Sadly I agree.

As I may have mentioned above, I tried last year to list the asin in vendor central. A technical issue meant this didn’t happen so I wrote to technical and then forgot about it…

…until earlier this week when I had a PO for the product, which has mysteriously appeared as ‘live’ on vendor central.

So I realised after some replies here that the vendor central accountb ‘took precedence’ in terms of content. So I tried to make changes but kept getting error messages!

So basically a flaw in Amazon’s system prevents me from making changes to my best selling product. How ridiculous is that!!!


I have pestered seller support on this platform and vendor central and think i may be getting somewhere. I have to provide proof I am the manufacturer and a picture of the product in its original packaging with a sticker of the EAN thereon.

I can see, sort of, where amazon are coming from, in terms of taking the sanctity of products properly; but, given it is my IP which uploaded the product, has been making changes for 12 months on the product, is the IP from which I manage the vendor account too, and have stated already that I am the manufacturer, and that I could make changes were it not for the vendor platform not working properly, I have to go through such a lengthy time wasting effort, god knows.

It is like being trapped in a room with 1 door which is stuck firmly shut and some instructions saying ‘use the key to unlock the door’ But there is no key, no keyhole and ‘the voice’ keeps saying ‘use the key, use the key’.

I will keep selling on Amazon as generally it works, it generates cash, and see these issues as problems to be overcome. Annoying as it is.

I’d love to go on a date with an Amazon employee and behave in the same way their algorithms do. It would be great fun.


As it turns out, vendor support has made the changes for me.

So I think, whomever it was in their help section, for doing this.


…and without the need to date them or take them out to dinner to get it done! :laughing:


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