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When viewing this report please can anyone confirm how you interpret ‘Units Ordered’ or ‘Total Order Items’? Which best correlates with actual sales (i.e. accounting for customer returns/refunds/lost in transit)? Unfortunately the glossary of terms link is down.

When comparing the two they often match but sometimes there are slight variances which seem to marry up with customer returns/refunds/lost in transit. For example on one of my items the ‘Units Ordered’ reports 26 and ‘Total Order Items’ reports 6, a variance of 20. I can then see on my MonthlyTransaction report that 20 were refunded which would explain the discrepancy of 20. Is this correct? and should we therefore refer to Total Order Items as the best correlater to sales?

Any advice greatly appreciated!


“Total Order Items” is the number of orders which you received for a particular product.

‘Units Ordered’ is the total amount of individual units, which you sold.


Thanks @Kika. Do either of them account for customer returns, lost in transit etc where the customer has been refunded so the sale is cancelled? Can this be found on another report?


I believe that the reports include all of your orders which were processed with a payment received in your account, in any status.

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