Detail page sales and traffic


Dear friends,
Clicking on reports -> “detail page sales and traffic” I can usually get my sales details but unfortunately it seems I have no data since 21/05. Are you in the same situation?
thank you!


I have the same thing. “Your search returned no data. Please select another report from the left-hand menu”.

Also, the missing data (ranging from 22 May to 26 May) coincides with the days that my favourite ASIN experienced uncharacteristically low, next to nothing sales. It is as if the listing has become invisible in the past few days. Everything else about the listing seems to be in order. Mysterious.


Sales data has been missing from the phone app since Wed,it reappeared last night.


same here, and i checked with CS, they said it’s their system issue, waiting their restoration


After sending them some screenshots, I also heard back from SS and they acknowledged the issue with the business reports that are totally missing for all my ASINs since 21 May. Said they are working on it. Of course, they did not see any connection between the almost zero sales on the same days from an otherwise well perfoming ASIN of my own brand. There might not be, still, it is a very strange coincidence. acaffe you had the same thing, I think.

Interestingly, one of my other ASIN’s sales and traffic data have partially come back now and even more interestingly, they show ZERO page views and sessions AND still some units sold, clearly something is not right.