Detailed seller information


The way I understand it is as follows.

A limited company has to show their address. A personal business account holder doesn’t.
A limited company has to show their VAT number, a personal account holder will only have a VAT number to show if they are registered.

No company and not VAT registered = no details shown
No company and VAT registered = Just VAT number shown
etc etc


I have my accounts registered on a sole proprietorship and the address is displayed.


Well there’s my theory out of the window. Im also sole proprietorship and my details aren’t there


Firstly, it is a company not an individual, it is therefore NOT personal information. A LTD is a legal separate entity and not subject to the same privacy laws that apply to an individuals.

Secondly, how am I supposed to know he wouldn’t like it before I posted it?

Thirdly, I’ve seen plenty of occaisions whereby you have used your insider knowledge to look at who is behind the username, even when it’s not obvious, and then have proceeded to make comments about them or their business based on that knowledge. I can’t imagine many of the people to whom you have done this are particularly happy about it, especially as what then usually transpires is you being critical of them.

People in glass houses…


semperardens I’m 100% sure they do not want there details showing on here considering what you have posted is nothing to do with this topic or me .it is somebody elses details not mine they just have a similar name.


Because you registered your Limited Company at your residential address then you cannot change it without Amazon asking for verification.

The route most people take to keep their home address private is to register/re-register their address as their commercial address or to use a specialist company who provide Registered Office facilities. The latter is a very popular option and why you see hundreds of businesses on here and ebay all apparently with the same business address.

If you follow either route, make sure you do it formally and update your details with Companies House before you amend your Amazon account info or face the possibility of suspension.


I cannot say for other EU sites or .com etc but on if you register as a sole proprietor your details will not be displayed. Only Limited Companies are forced to display their address.


I’m not too sure why some people are not having their full business details and address disclosed in the storefront.

It is a legal requirement that people doing business online have to disclose the address of the company. So you either use a mail address from an business accommodation address provider or you disclose you home address.

Maybe those who’s details are not showing are based outside the EU and using FBA? But UK and EU law requires disclosure of address if trading.


That question has been asked on here many times, Amazon have never offered an explanation as to why they do not comply.


Hi Top bargains uk
Your personal name and information is only showing on the German and Spanish marketplaces. (Amazon .DE and .ES)
As to why?.. I would open a case with SS to ask why this is and even email seller verification teams (as a newly launched account) in de and es for an explanation.
Good luck


Its showing on all sites - see the screenshot above.

Amazon are not displaying their personal details they are displaying their legally Regisered Company information and address registered with Companies House. They will not change anything as it stands.


Wrong, just on DE and ES the screenshot Semper posted was not their account. This one is…

top b

top b de


But that’s not his company. It belongs to the user Top_Bargains_UK1. That was my mistake, for all we know the OP is a sole trader.

Although quite why the OP would chose a username that virtually matched a store that already existed on here is odd to say the least.


Right. OP has confirmed the screenshot is their account if you re-read the thread carefully.


correct I am a sole trader and when I choose the name it did not match any so I did not no there was another company with such a similar name or I would have chosen another .


So why did you say this?


Posting full, physical addresses is against the forum rules, regardless of whom they belong to. This is what you published before you edited it. It is good that you eventually deleted it.

When someone is asking for advice, I make comments about their store but I am very careful not to publish anything which would identify the seller, unless they already posted the ASIN or a link to their listing.


So we’ve got the situation whereby the forum user Top_bargains_uk is not he owner of the Top Bargains UK store, but the user Top_Bargains_UK1 is. Talk about confusing :roll_eyes:


I didn’t say this . The company with the similar name did


Jeez, I’ve got it now, by some incredible coincident the ‘original’ Top Bargains found this thread.

Sorry all…