Detected potential pricing


I have just had one item blocked.The price has been the same for months.
Have a similar item on Amazon which is cheaper due to purchase cost and quality and just wonder if they think the two should be the same price.
Just reduced the price slightly at a sale price from today to see if it activates again.
Little point in contacting seller support only to receive a nonsense reply



Hate Amazon at the moment, no end of grief and hassle for the most stupid of reasons, this ‘some muppet has detected a potential pricing error that you can’t fix hehehehehe’


Some of out listings have now just gone to ‘out of stock’ … despite FBA having 100s of stock. Nightmare :slight_smile:

It’s understandable if they are doing it for the right reasons, but the lack of communication and transparency is very frustrating.


And they have made loads of my listings inactive, car air con cleaner is one of them, been selling them for eyars, see they inactive and they said

We understand that you are having issues with listing B01180FZT6 B00W6UZ3WW B00KVHPOG2.

Certain brands and categories require approval to be sold on Amazon, and some rules may change throughout the year. To apply for approval:

And when applying for approval to sell what I’ve been selling for 5-6 years it says ‘We are not accepting applications to sell:
Personal Safety and Household products in New, Used, Refurbished, Collectible conditions
products in the Automotive category in Refurbished conditions’ bunch of blooming tards.


I have had the same issue and emailed seller support… I haven’t had any joy from them, but like someone said above, adjusting the price might get the item reactivated. I am almost always the lowest price on my listings, so not sure what’s going on…


Same issue here… Got this answer from support:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand your concern in regard to ASIN: xxxx being inactive due to pricing error.

We want to see if we can help re-activate the listing by adjusting the pricing to be more competitive as it has been blocked as a pricing error.

I kindly request you follow the steps given below:

  • Please go to Inventory> Manage Inventory
  • Search for ASIN: xxx.
  • Adjust the Prices, (we have no guidance, but a more competitive price is likely to support the effort).

We want to process the price change and may have to wait up to 15 minutes to see if the listing is re-activated.


We have had a few products flag up for pricing error, and we were told that Amazon has ‘refined its pricing error algorithm with prices that may not potentially be the best prices for the listing’. Amazon put up a news item saying about price gouging being against policy and immediately after then we started getting errors for products that have been set at the same price for months. It is definitely the bots that are causing havoc with the pricing error, so its difficult to keep battling against it


It’s ok if amazon wants to ensure prices are fair on their platform, but there’s nothing fair about a cheaper listing being deactivated and amazon selling that item at a mark up…

I sold an item for 16.99 in France, amazon was on the listing at 16.95 or so, now, all offers on the listing have been deactivated and amazon is selling this ‘essential item’ at 26.85. There’s everything wrong with that right there.


Over 60 listings on UK ( not counted EU listings yet ) all blocked

Fed up creating cases for each one to get random replies fromSS that doesn’t help.

This is getting silly

Only once has a case come back to say there is a technical issue
Strange that all amazon listings are live and some more than I list mine for ?



this really sucks! are you selling “essential items” related to the virus (food, medical supplies), or totally non related products?


I fixed 2 listings by dropping the price to a price I have never sold them for before… Then they went live again. I am talking £4.99 (price they have been for a year) down to £2.99. What can we do! Just about breaking even but they have expiry dates so it’s better than blocked.


Yeah me too. One variation on a big multivariation listing was blocked.
Same price as the rest
no " Price Alert" along top or in Pricing tab to fix
Messaged CS, no joy, it went away with about 24 hours.


Health and beauty and Suppliments


body lotion is the ‘essential item’… so basically health and beauty etc


Hi everyone,
Can you please give me an idea, I got my product for something like £3.40per unit net, selling it for £9.50 including vat, Amazon fee, packaging and contributing £0.40 towards posting, am I profiteering, I could have priced it for up to £15 as there are active listing on amazon Uk today, yet my listing is inactive, Amazon is failing to give a definitive reason.


The funny thing is I get those listing alerts on products that I haven’t sold for years and 0 inventory.


I also have pricing errors on over 400 of my listings but they are all below RRP I cant sell them at the price they say as I be well out of pocket I even sent them pictures from the manufactuer of the price they should be, As I sell is all branded clothes how on earth can the price be to high as I been selling them for years at same price. Talk about not help people get through this covid 19 and there no way of talking to someone just about at the end of my tether now, there is obviously a fault on amazon side.


They will NOT answer a basic question…just cut and paste standard replies that don’t help …ARGH

We deactivated your listings because we have detected that your listings have pricing errors. You can confirm and update your price by going to the Fix Price Alerts page in the Pricing section and adhering to the Marketplace Fair Price Policy.

In an effort to continue to create the best-selling experience for our selling partners and customers, we have improved our systems to better detect and correct potential pricing errors. We constantly review data sources to scan for potential pricing errors and make assessments based on several factors. Setting a min and max price for a listing does not guarantee that the offer will be prevented from pricing error checks.

You can update your price via Fix Price Alerts under Pricing Section or by going to Manage Inventory (MYI) page. Please adhere to Marketplace Fair Price Policy when setting a price. You can follow Match Low Price from Manage Inventory (MYI) page by matching the Buy Box Price or suggested lower price from Manage Pricing Dashboard under Pricing Section. If you attempt to set your offer price the same as before or marginally different from previous price, your offer might become inactive again for the same reasons as before. We will notify you again about the potential pricing errors.

Regarding the other sellers listing being active, currently, our systems can detect some potential pricing errors. When this happens, we attempt to notify you. While we are constantly working to improve these systems, we might not detect all the potential errors.


That depends on what the product is and what the pre covid selling price was…


Under " Pricing your item" section:
is clearly stated that we, seller "may list items at any price we feel is fair, regardless of the price or list price. Furthermore the reference The UK Competition and Markets Authority guidance. which states: “Re-pricing software can be used to encourage healthy competition among online sellers, but it’s illegal to use it as part of a price-fixing agreement.” Which exactly what amazon algo does to our listing, it fix our prices at the the level that is quite often impossible to make any profit. It is not only against the Amazon policy but it is ILLEGAL.I suggest you guys read it and start sending queries to SS referencing that.