Did many toy sellers experience this last year (''Holiday selling'')?


I recall some sellers reporting on this forum being restricted to sell their toys over the holiday season IN ERROR, when in fact they had fulfilled all the requirements to be eligible (at least 25 orders in the past 2 months, under 1% defects, etc).

How frequent is it that they make this error?

(I tried hard to get over 25 no-defect orders this year, which cost me time & money ( many new & cheap listings/sales) and really hope to be eligible at last this year, and without a glitch or appeal).

For example, when I look at my performance page, the date range is never up to date, far from it:
the 60 days they’re based on are from July to September, instead of August to October! I was on holiday in July and that changes the results - I worry that they may just look at this page, or this kind of thing; it may cost them too much time to work out up-to-date results for each seller on Oct 14…


No one was actually restricted from selling in the Toys & Games category by error.

Amazon erroneously e-mailed all sellers with a notice telling them that they are not meeting the criteria for Holiday Selling. Everything was clarified hours later.


Thanks Kika, that’s a relief.