Dimensional Weight - Huge FBA Fee Increase


Pretty poor form by Amazon to send a News article on dimensional weight changes on the 1st March 2023 for them to apply on exactly the same date! Many sellers will be dramatically impacted by this. We have quite a few products where the Fulfillment fee has doubled (we sell some plant pots).

I know of sellers where their business, designed around Amazon’s Standard Sizes, will simply not exist anymore.

Supply chains are longer than 0 days. Would have been nice for this to be properly communicated in good time.

Poor form Amazon and you should rethink this as many categories will not be competitive vs. other channels.

Bye Bye Standard Sizes!


I am sure many sellers will not even know about this yet, such was the communication


Tbf it was announced in January


‘Moderate increases in FBA fees’ - Haha. There is nothing moderate about fees doubling. Very sneaky. If you have a product that is around 25x25x20ish cm that is relatively light, fees double. Hardly moderate and this appears nicely hidden.


I think it would be helpful if they added an additional Standard size weight. Currrently it goes in 500g increments then from under <1.9kg to under <2.9kg. The fee increase between these is quite significant in UK and this is why many sellers will be caught out by the dimensional weight changes


No need to post the same thing twice.


They actually included a link to the specific changes in that communication.
How could they be any clearer?