Disabling PAN-EU - what happens to inventory


I’m currently using PAN-EU (UK based), with the vast majority of my EU sales coming in Germany. Given the impending German VAT certificate deadline, I’ve decided it is probably not economic to get VAT registered in Germany. I am now therefore looking to disable PAN-EU fulfilment and go back to distance selling.

Does anyone know what happens to inventory (in German warehouses, example) at the point PAN-EU is disabled? I’m wondering whether I have to do a inventory removal request and, if so, how I know what stock is stored where (e.g. throughout the EU network). Alternatively, what do people think will happen to inventory if I do nothing and my access to the German marketplace is suddenly revoked on 1 October?


You will need to remove all your FBA inventory from Amazon warehouses in Germany by the German Tax Certificate submission deadline, if you are not planning to obtain it.

Otherwise, you will risk a suspension of the entire DE marketplace over a failure to provide Amazon the certificate.


If you have stock in a German warehouse you should already be registered for German VAT.


Thanks Kika. I assume you are talking about creating a removal order?

Do you know what would happen to the stock if I simply disable PAN-EU without creating a removal order? Will Amazon automatically relocate the stock?

My aim is to get stock held in European fulfilment centres back to the UK fulfilment centre(s) in the easiest way.


I am afraid they would destroy any stock held in Germany if you fail to create a removal order by the German Tax Certificate deadline.