Disbursement failed for the 4th time


Hi All,

I am yet to receive a payment from Amazon, my disbursement constantly say failed! I have called bank and they have said they cannot locate any payment.
Support keep saying it will be reflected in my next payment cycle which just fails.

Also I have updated my bank account twice, my account is verified and I have made sure details are correct.


Hi its not a high risk bank such as monzo or cash plus etc. Is it


Nope, i’ve had the account for 15 years.


Many disbursements fail due to Amazon making a test charge to your a/c before disbursement, if no funds, then the disbursement fails and moves to the next date, you need to have £1- £5 balance to clear the test charge (it’s not actually taken by Amazon) but if you have funds, then it’s not the reason and must be some other reasonfor the failure.


Thanks for the reply, definitely have more than a fiver in the account.