Disbursement issues and delays?


Is anyone else have issues with disbursements , we have the request transfer button always showing and our available balance is showing as positive , we have passed the 7 EDD payment delay on our orders but we keep getting the following message , our balance is not zero or less

This account is not eligible for On Demand Disbursement.
You cannot disburse if your available balance is zero or less.


I have had the same message for the last 48 hours


We’ve had this issue for the last week or so - saying our balance is zero or less when it’s positive and saying we’re not eligible for ODD. Never had an issue like this before.


We are having the exact same problem, I keep requesting the disbursement it says it has gone through successfully but the usual email that follows confirming this doesn’t arrive, I check the next day and nothing has been disbursed. The ability to speak to Seller Central customer service is now not available.


same here…exactly the same ODD


Seems delayed by 1 day to me, but I usually disburse every day anyway so it all comes through eventually


No problems here …I’ve just asked for mine to be disbursed and apparently it’s gone through okay my balance is now zero and I’ve just received the confirmation email :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s very annoying seeing a positive balance and not being able to disburse , seems like it is a system problem ?

I’ve submitted case to seller support so we live in hope they respond accordingly


I had the same problem but discovered that my bank account details needed verifying again.