Do Amazon's Preferred Carriers take priority over non-preferred?


When sending shipments to FBA, I’m aware that Amazon have partnered with UPS to offer exceptional value, however, we have our own account with DPD and find booking the deliveries with them more convenient. However, over the past couple of weeks, some of our shipments have sat in a DPD trailer at Amazons Fulfilment Centre for a week and still not been unloaded according to DPD. This is really frustrating however I know it’s due to time of year, etc.

I am just wondering therefore whether shipments sent via UPS are given greater priority than DPD as UPS have a working relationship with Amazon. Interested to hear your thoughts.


No, I don’t believe that UPS is preferred over others.
I use DPD and generally don’t have any major issues with them.
In fact, I prefer to use DPD as it usually works out cheaper and is more reliable for me.