Do have Amazon a database with customers which used to make fraud on Amazon?


Amazon will know how many buyers are making claims. What we are noticing especially recently buyers are using inaccurate names. Some use their first name and middle name others use their middle name last name and not the first. Also noticed many are removing the house number from their address then waiting for the seller to contact them to confirm the delivery address. Others are adding ficticius house numbers such as 47C and 47T none of them exists. 17 orders in France alone.


I did reply the customer back and politely asked to clarify if received or not the package and then to proceed with the refund. Never respond to our emails and today we received an AZ claim.

I am really waiting to see how Amazon will solve this. All the email communication is there.


It may be not correct for other lucky people who’ve managed to contact the MD but we haven’t, that’s why I said that email … goes nowhere or is simply ignored. For us this is correct.


As I last updated, the customer processed an AZ claim but Amazon rejected it. It was a nice surprise to see changes in Amazon’s best practices. Hope that Amazon will not allow this customer to add a product review.
Good job, Amazon!

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