Do I have to wait until Amazon receives the inventory before starting the Amazon PPC Advertisement?


I am a new seller and I have sent my first inventory to Amazon and started the Amazon PPC campaign although the shipment has not yet arrived at the FC. When I clicked the item link to view it as a customer it was showing me as “Fulfilled by Amazon” and there was a Buy button button already, so I thought that I can start the campaign even if the shipment has not received by Amazon. But after getting some clicks and no sales I went to see the item link I see that now it is showing as “Currently unavailable”.
My question is do I have to wait until Amazon receives the inventory to start the advertisement or I can just start the campaign right now?


if you start it now it will cost you money without buyers actually being able to buy your items
goods are usually received in with a week depending on -

are you fully verified as a business seller ?
did you require permission to sell your item or in the category ?
do you have insurance ?
do you have all the relevant safety tests / marks / certs for your product ?

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