Do I need "sold as set, do not separate" labels?



I’m going to start selling on Amazon soon and I have a few questions.

My products are going to come boxed up individually and was just wondering if Amazon actually opens up the boxes on arrival at the fulfillment centre to check the condition of the product? My products are coming sealed in brown carton boxes. (1 box per item).

In addition, the customer will require to assemble the product with the different components provided inside the box. Does that mean I need to put a “Sold as set, do not separate” label on the boxes?

Your response would be greatly appreciated.




Amazon will not open the boxes if they are sealed, with a SKU on the outside of it.
As to putting an extra label on it, I would hope that it was clear in the listing, that there is some assembly required, which negates the need for that extra label.