Do I need to register for VAT in all the other European marketplaces, if I switch to FBA Europe from FBA UK, if I'm already registered for VAT in the UK?



I am a VAT registered seller on the Amazon UK marketplace. I want to switch to FBA Europe and activate my listings in the 4 European marketplaces. I believe amazon automatically moves your product to the different warehouses to meet demand? Do I need to register for VAT in each of the countries or is my UK VAT registration enough for this?

How would I go about registering in each country, if needed? Would be easiest if I can just use my UK VAT number for all European sales.



You need to register for VAT in every country your stock is stored outside UK,there are no thresholds.
Do a search on this forum for EU VAT providers,some are far worse than others.


There are VAT thresholds as far as I know?!



Yes, this is correct. However, no thresholds apply to overseas sellers storing their FBA inventory in any of the mentioned countries.

These affect distance selling when the seller ships from a different country.


Thanks Kita.
Oh no this opened my eyes then. I thought it also applies to European FBA from UK but as you say it depends where the stock is shipped from?! We don’t have much influence how amazon ships stock between its centres so how would that work…?


As an UK seller, you would only need to register for the VAT in any additional countries where your FBA inventory is stored.


You can select where Amazon stores your stock, so for example if you choose to stock in FBA UK but sell to all European Countries you will only be subject to the Distance Selling thresholds. You do not have to register for VAT in the other Countries unless you go over their Distance Selling threshold. E.g, You store in UK but sell in Italy, in a year you sell more than 35k (Euro) worth of products to Italians you would then need to register for VAT in Italy. On the other hand if you choose to stock in another country or all other countries the minute your stock lands there you need to have registered for VAT in those countries. Keep Brexit in mind! It may change absolutely everything I have just said…


Perfect thanks for clarifying really appreciated. OK so we will probably go with that solution then first to test the waters.

Yea well Brexit will never happen so we are all safe :relaxed:


Yeah as long as you make sure Pan European FBA is not on, it means they will fulfil your orders from UK and you will not need to VAT register around Europe. It’s a long and expensive process to do so, especially as you have to VAT register in Czech Republic & Poland even though you don’t sell there - as Amazon keep a load of your stock there. Also some VAT returns (I think Germany) are monthly, theres a lot of costs & time involved so just be aware!


Hello everyone, it’s been helpful to read all the answers provided here, many thanks!
I have a question to ask: do you think it’s worth registering for VAT services on Amazon? They charge you 400 EUR/year/country. Is it worth adding all the countries, considering that you can’t change your decision once you start this program? Thank you all, cheers!


I personally think it’s worth it as you will have everything automated through the Amazon Seller Central, without having to use a third party service.

Here you can learn more:


Thank you, will use their service.
Have a great day!


You are welcome, have a great day too :))


It’s worth looking through some reviews of various VAT services, including Amazon’s provide by a third party, before making a decision. That includes any promotional element. To say they are mixed is an understatement!

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