Do The Seller Performance Team actually do anything?


So our account was deactivated due to our ODR rating due to a few things. We sell computer items which can be quite “complex”. This is all from the last 60 days

1 - A buyer didn’t know how to use the item and claimed it was broken, we authorised a return and have yet to have the item back so they opened an a-z claim.
2 - Courier lost the item, as soon as we heard of this, we refunded the buyer.
3 - The EAN code we scanned, Amazon had the wrong item for and therefore was sent the wrong item. We refunded the buyer including return postage costs due to Amazon’s error.
4 - The buyer decided they didn’t want the item any more.

We also had a buyer buy an item which is for a server, and not a computer. To avoid any returns, we contacted them to ask if they knew it was for a server, after 2 days we didn’t get a response so we cancelled the order.

The buyer then purchased it again, so we contacted them again to confirm if they knew if the item was compatible for them to avoid a return when they found out it wasn’t. They never responded within 2 days so we cancelled the order.

The buyer then left us negative feedback as we kept cancelling their order. They didn’t think to reply to any messages.

We have now been deactivated due to things that were completely out of our control so the performance team asked what we’d do to fix in the future.

We said we’d use better couriers, try to talk to buyers better (even if they don’t respond??) and that all of the issues were technically all out of our control.

They asked us for more information.
We replied with more information (basically the same info but in different wording)
They asked us for more information.
We again replied saying that we don’t really have any more, but this is why it happened etc…
They asked us for more information.
We have now submitted our FOURTH submission and put it in capitals, as each response we get is the same copy/pasted text asking what we will do differently.

Maybe I should reply “We won’t sell to idiots?”

Where do I go from here? The seller support team, asked me to put something in our third submission and I ran it past them on the phone to which they said “perfect”. Then they’ve now asked me to do the same submission again.

Does anyone at Amazon actually read anything? Apparently the seller performance team don’t have mouths either, so can’t talk to them on the phone. Is there a seller escalations team instead?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Tech-Bargains,

After going through your post, I understand the primary issues on the account are related to delivery complaints and different/wrong item complaints.

Before giving out any information, I’d like you to understand that all the appeals are reviewed and responded accordingly and we certainly do not want to keep our Selling partners waiting for account reactivation. Based on your post, I can explain you appeal process.

To appeal on your account you need to submit a plan of action. Plan of action must contain 3 steps:

  1. Root cause of the complaints: What could have gone or what went wrong that the buyers had filed a claim or posted a negative feedback?
  2. Corrective measures: What is that you had done to provide a resolution to your buyers when you noticed the complaints on your account?
  3. Long term preventive measures: What are the proactive changes you can implement in your business to avoid similar issues?

I’d want you to consider the below points to get to the root cause:

• Was the listing description clear enough?
• Did you explain the compatibility of the product and other features in the description?
• Did you provide a user manual when you shipped out the order?

While I understand the issues related to the courier is out of your control and that there’s nothing much you can do about the lost order, I also want to appreciate you for refunding the buyer. However, you’d need to focus on the long term solution, as in how can you make sure your courier is reliable and delivers within the promised timeline?

I assume you are referring to the FBA stock here. Kindly note that the warehouse does not have a facility to check if the correct item is scanned through an EAN code. They only check for ASIN number from the seller’s inventory and if it is matching, they ship out the orders. It’s seller’s responsibility to ensure that the correct stock is sent and is accordingly listed on the website.

If it is not an FBA issue, and if you had mapped with an ASIN that was already available, you must ensure that the product is accurately matching with yours and then continue with the mapping procedure.

Ensure you include this in your appeal about how will make sure the right inventory is sent to FBA or the process you will follow while mapping.

Kindly consider the points suggested above and send your updated appeal.

Good luck!


Hi Elena,

Thanks for your response.I explained all 3 of these points in my appeals but have had the same generic response each time.

In terms of the points you raised:

The description was clear enough
The buyer hasn’t given us a chance to explain anything
He’s actually contacted me again to arrange a return of the item, but with my account deactivated, i’m not sure what I’m expected to do.

2 - We use a variety of couriers and won’t be using this one again, we also explained this in our appeal. We were in CONSTANT contact with the buyer and he was really understanding.

3 - We actually sold a computer case, which comes in 2 different sku’s. The first being with fans, the second being without. We scanned our barcode and Amazon listed it as the one WITH fans, completely different to the pictures etc… so it’s actually a listing issue with Amazon, but we had to take the flack on it sadly and are out of pocket due to it.

Everything you’ve listed is already in our first, second, third and fourth appeals, but sadly no one at Amazon has even bothered to read them and instead have simply sent a generic copy/pasted piece of text EVERY time.

I think I need much more than luck.