Do the "used sold as new" complaints just expire after six months?


Had four of these, two successfully appealed, two unsuccessful after two attempts each.
The successfully appealed ones have disappeared from my record which is pleasing.

The two older ones are still there though.Needless to say I tried my best with the appeals. Amazon are no longer replying to fresh appeals or general enquiries to the performance team.

So my question is - since the date range shown in the account health screen is a six months period and one of the complaints is about to age past that, am I about to enter the bliss of them being expunged through the passage of time, or the hell of an account suspension??

Any experience anyone? If I’m headed for hell, I’d appreciate the heads up! All other aspects of the account are in good health and these were four ASINs out of a range of about 200.

Thanks in advance, Rob.


Hello @Oriental_Leather_Co1,

After reviewing the information provided by you I understand that you have few queries about the effect of time period of complaints on the status of the account.

Your account would get reactivated only after viable Plan of action is provided irrespective of the time period of the complaints.

I would suggest you to appeal on the account with the Plan of action in 3 steps:

  • Root cause: Reason for which you have received these complaints on the account.
  • Corrective Steps: Steps you have taken to resolve the issue immediately
  • Preventive steps: What steps you would take to prevent these kind of issues in the future.

Provide the details as requested by the team so that they can review and help you with the review process.



Hi Preet, thanks for your reply. Our account is not deactivated. It’s an active account with a couple of alerts in the Account Health tab. Now that I have tried unsuccessfully to get these appealed, my query is whether my account is now at threat of suspension or not.

Kind regards, Rob.