Do you do a trial order first?


I’m a bit late to this but this is what i would personally do.

Order a small amount of your product just to get started. Maybe 50-100 units and get it into amazon and just see what the sales are like. It wont kill you to not have stock for a little while in the best case scenario where your estimations for monthly sales are correct. Then take that data and see how much stock you’d need for a month and start looking into how to slowly start incorporating your suppliers lead time into the times when you need to order new stock and get it sent to amazon.

And from speaking to other people who have had success in business, there are cases where products that seemed to be great failed and products that they didnt suspect to do well ended up being some of their best ones. Its great that you’ve assessed the risks of your product, however you truly wont know until you try.


Realistically as long as you have done your homework, ie there are no problems with selling the actual item, patents, gated, customs, etc and you are sure your good to go, i follow this formula.
You do not want to run out of stock you spend money on advertising not to sell but to get ranking once lost its difficult to get it back. People launch a product it sells well and they they run out of stock for a few weeks and the listing never does as well or it takes a lot of work and money to get it back. You may notice your IPI is affected by running out of stock. I don’t think Amazon likes it.
Estimate how many you think you will sell this for example is 300 order a few more, find out how long your manufactures lead time is so if you look like you are going to run out of stock you can airship, its expensive but to keep a good selling listing you may need funds but it means you don’t waist you money on advertising.
As the Dtmerce says its a bit of chance, with some of my best selling listings all the figures didn’t really add up and i just followed a gut feeling. You have to take chance in business.
The last product i launched week before Christmas i order 1500 units and sold out in two weeks, imagine how sick i fell waiting for more stock now
Good luck


Thanks Chris

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