Do you see what I see? (catalogue issues)


Hi all, slightly off topic for “Selling” but it definately effects us sellers.
This time I’m the buyer.
I’m trying to buy this game and have been for weeks and weeks. I need to keep the price right down as it’s part of a bigger bundle I’m doing for a gift package.


I therefore wish to buy this USED.

For weeks the 2 top prices (lowest) have been in my basket but I’ve been unable to buy them.
I have 2 phones, 2 tablets, a laptop and desktop along with many other devices within the family.
NONE will get this game purchased.

I’m ignoring the 3rd @ 9.99 as it is without the box - :roll_eyes:!!

I’ve cleared caches etc but thats irrelevant when using different devices.

Each time I go tp pay for either of them I get told that they’re now in my “saved for later”.

I assume they’re simply sold out but surely them just sitting there is nt only effecting our buying decisions but also dramatically effecting the customer perception. “Why is everyone else charging £20+ when these two are only £8 - I’m gonig elsewhere” is what I could imagine a few buyers thinking and then getting the hump and gong to eBay or CEX or wherever.

Sorry for the long post but it has annoyed me as a buyer so wanted to see if it was the same for everyone and if so - how many of these glitches are happening daily and sitting for weeks or months effectively shutting down the ASIN?

ATT: screenshot of the “offers from other sellers” page as I see it.


Could the keepa extension be causing problems?


Initially I thought so but then my wife gets the same on all her devices and she wouldn;t know what Keepa is.
We now get (since i posted this) “the seller no longer has stock, please try another seller”.