Dodgy Chinese seller on FR


Firstly I want to explain I am a PL seller. I have my own PL brand and I am brand registered.
I do not like hijackers, however, I do know I can list on identical items sold by other sellers where they have NO IP or brand registry.

I listed on an item in FR. The seller was Chinese. They didn’t make any email threats, just placed orders. I had no clue who it was as they hacked into buyer accounts. Then I received 4 x return requests on the same day.

One stated the following
Commande : 408-8154619-7832348
Article : Gebildet® Universal 4 pièces Nouveau Panneau de Clip de Voiture Audio Video Dashboard Démontage Kits Installer Pry Tool
Quantité : 1
Raison du retour : Défectueux/Ne fonctionne pas
Commentaires du client : Non fiable. Ce produit a fait mal à mon enfant, c’est un produit très dangereux. Non recommandé. S’il vous plaît, récupérez mon argent.

Customer comments: Not reliable. This product has hurt my child, it is a very dangerous product. Not recommended. Please, get my money back.

This product hurt their child!!!
It was a car trim removal kit. Complete lies. They then opened 2 x A-Z claims with the same comments. I then quickly refunded the other 2 before they also opened disputes. The next day I received 4 x negative feedbacks to the same effect.


Guess what…today I received the order back which supposedly hurt the child. It NEVER even arrived with them. This is a joke Amazon. The Chinese are running amok.IMG_1067


No, you are not allowed to attach your offers on listings of generic unbranded products when they are advertised as being of a particular brand, even if the brands aren’t trademarked yet.

Amazon requires all products to 100% match the listing description. If the listing states that the brand is “AAAA”, but your product is generic, you can’t list the item, unless you correct the product page to state so.

In general, listing against other seller’s established private label listings - trademarked or not is a very bad idea. Even if you don’t receive any request for invoices from Amazon, the sellers will very likely attempt to damage your account in some way to make you leave.


Hi Kika,

Thanks for the reply. Appreciated as always. I check before every listing against another ASIN for an identical product. Before I list I check with Amazon and their policy is that if NO TM for that product type and no brand registry they are happy for the exact item to be listed against the ASIN.

Totally appreciate this is a grey area. I have been speaking to brand registry at length about it and trying to get them to have exact clarifications. Sometimes ASIN’s are abandoned by VAT evaders kicked off Amazon.


don’t play with fire
amazon can ask invoices


In my head I was imagining that you were actually selling a clothing brand and the image was generic (such as a stock photo) which a lot of sellers do, listing the image under their clothing brand, I suppose this is a completely different thing when you are actually buying something and then trying to claim ownership of it under your brand?

Might be worth researching how to manufacturer the product yourself
then get your brand on there, then list it under your brand and maybe they would feel less threatened by you.


Just to confirm I sell the identical item on my own ASIN also. My ASIN is covered by my TM and brand registry. As I said at the top I don’t like hi-jackers and this is a grey area.

Legally without TM coverage for that specific product the other seller has NO right to claim exclusivity.
Amazon said to me I am fine to sell against it (I checked before I listed) as there was no TM and no brand registered.
Should I list against another identical product? Legally yes, Amazon said yes (although I know their rules are vague).

Should the other seller have acted in the way they have? No. Should Amazon take action against these types of sellers who hack buyer accounts, make purchases from competitors and trash their accounts? Yes.

Thats the point I was trying to make.


No, you are absolutely not allowed to list against other seller’s established listings of generic products when your product doesn’t exactly match the product page in every detail, including the brand name.

The policy which you mentioned is regarding the enforcement of trademarks.

Amazon will still require you to provide invoices for a non-registered brand in case of any complaints, which are normally triggered by the original sellers placing test buys to prove that your generic item doesn’t match their listing.

If the listing says that the brand is “AAAA”, then you can’t attach there your offer just because the brand isn’t trademarked and your product looks similar.

If you continue doing this, you will very likely end up suspended soon. And I will not assist with appealing, since I told you what was wrong and you still insisted on violating the Amazon policy.