Dodgy customer, dodgy address or something else?


From our experience we don’t alway rely on the information online so we raise enquiry with Royal Mail business customer services. In the past we found the customer informed us they had not received their order and the delivery information had not been updated on the website. I think there was something wrong with the handheld terminal? I am not saying that your customer isn’t telling the truth but sometimes better to check especially when its happened twice.

I would also recommend checking the delivery address as many use multiple delivery addresses.


Refunf and put in a compensation claim with Royal Mail, they always pay me for the non delivered items


I would be tempted to tell them I’ll report them and not to buy any more items from me again, as it definitely seems very dodgy, particularly as it will end up being all 3 items they have bought from me being refunded. But then I don’t want to receive negative feedback from it as I have a good feedback rating currently.

I’ll just try and suggest they don’t buy from me again in a tactful way.


With this situation I send the buyer a message saying I will report this to their local RM depot at such-and-such address (I Google the nearest one to them) and to Action Fraud in case there have been other reported issues with deliveries in their area. 9 times out of 10 the buyer messages the next day to say the parcel has arrived :wink:


I have already gone ahead and refunded them. I’d be afraid of them being that 1 time out of 10 lol. Anyway I did tell the buyer I contacted Amazon, in a not so threatening way. Perhaps it will deter them from claiming that this third item has not been received and they are looking for a refund (if they are lying). I suppose given all the RM strikes it makes a scenario like this, if it’s a genuine case of items not being received, a little more believable.

Not to sound sexist but I do tend to find women a little more trustworthy around these things from my experience, and it is a lady I’m dealing with, but who really knows.


Blockquote "i assume you have business account, because only business account deliveries shows An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item

That`s not true it says this for items bought through click and drop and or the post office.

To me the situation the original post is referring to suggests the person has had the item and they have checked the tracking and can see it has not been scanned therefore they know they will get a refund.

Good luck with getting a full refund from Royal Mail, I have just had 21 claims sent back and they only gave me stamps as compensation and not the full refund of the value of the products.


I have had stamps before and full refunds. In fact they’ve been pretty good to me the last 3 or 4 times and given me cheques, and these were for items that weren’t even signed for with nothing to go by on them as far as either being delivered or not.


I had a buyer a few years ago who claimed two INRs and then ordered from me a third time.
I contacted them on the third order to ask if there was a known problem with their address.
They were actually all-too willing to engage and went into a lot of detail about their circumstances.
It turned out they lived in some form of sheltered accommodation and believed the caretaker was stealing their mail.
I advised them not to order from me again without first contacting a suitable authority who could deal with their problem.
They agreed and I don’t think I have had an order from them again.


Hello @joewhite1,

I think is a good idea, first to get all the information that you can from RM. If you belive that a customer is abusive or the claims are not legit, you can report the customer, and Amazon will investigate the case.

Thank you all for your answers and inputs.



I just wanted to add there appears excessive delay from the estimate delivery date to the date of claim. I sometimes wonder what purpose it serves having an eta? I also wonder why there isnt a cut off date for making a claim for none delivery.


I gave them the refund for the game they said they hadn’t received but now they’re asking why I didn’t give a refund for both this and the third game. Funny how they didn’t mention that the third game didn’t turn up either in their first message, and it took for me to ask whether they had received it for it to require a refund as well.

Not sure whether to give a third refund now or simply ask them to hold on while I let Amazon investigate. What should I do?


Hi Nickolas ,

How can we report a customer to Amazon please ?


Hello @ SMART_Nostalgia_Retr,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Could you please specify what type of behavior you would like to report?

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