Does Amazon send stock between fulfillment centres without any consent from the seller?


Does amazon send FBA stock between fulfillment centres without a consent from a seller? I sell on Swedish and have FBA inventory here. My stock has surprisingly appeared in Germany:s FBA which was sent by Amazon without my consent. I have not registered for selling on german or any other marketplace. After some times it appears that my account was “pushed” to german marketplace without my knowledge or consent. Well, I start getting german FBA invoices for their services from where I got to know that I have a registered account to sell on German marketplace. WHAT IS HAPPENING ?!?!?!. Is it even legal that amazon 1) registered an account on my behalf, 2) moved my stocks without my consent, 3) begins invoicing me for german FBA services for which I have not registered for?

Has anyone experienced such things with Amazon? Why is this happening ?


You need to check on your settings as you may have inadvertently added them as pan-eu which means that you could be selling and storing anywhere in Europe.

It is a bit difficult for the UK forum to advise on this as you are trading from an EU marketplace to another EU marketplace so you don’t have to go through all of the legislation like the UK.


How much stock do you have in Germany? If it is just a handful of units they may have sent customer returns back to Germany this does happen.

If it is a significant number of units you need to check your settings as @JR_Wristbands indicated.


@JR_Wristbands Thank you for your comment. Yes it is not very complicated to spread the AMZ warehouse through EU but laws and regulations within certain countries in relation to VAT and tax are still there. For example Germany would require from a company to register there in order to pay German taxes, and/or in addition to local accountant services. This will add on cost which I would like to avoid. Otherwise trying different markets with Amazon is something positive :slight_smile:


@Smiley_Guy It appears to be only couple of units as return items/damaged in Germany. What was new is that there are some items even in Slovakian warehouse :confused: Spot on with your replay. thanks.


I get this all the time, in the last month I have had single units end up in Italy, Germany, France and Czech Republic.

My understanding is that if you are UK FBA only then all returns should go back to the UK but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I do a once a month check now and do disposal orders for anything in a non UK warehouse. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of these is to do a disposal order (unless you have a local address in those countries) so you end up losing the stock as well.


I just had the message for FBA stock in Germany. I’m not registered in Germany, sell UK only and have checked all settings should only allow stock in UK.

My question is please how do I check what and where my stock is so that I can dispose of it?

Should really bill Amazon for the loss of stock too (probably won’t be worth the fight though).


You need to look at the Daily Inventory Report

Opt for the downloaded CSV version and you can then filter on the country your stock is stored in. You can then see what stock you have outside of the UK


Thank you for this! :slight_smile:

EDIT: sorry should have asked…how do I then target that item for disposal?


You need to use a file to remove the items. Instructions are here



I hope the great posts here brought more clarity on why there is some stock in Germany.

@othersellers - thank you for your posts!



Sent x10 units of 9 ASINs to USA. They are moving units to every FBA warehouse! How? There’s only 10 units of each. Baffling.