Does Anyone know how to add "categories" to your shop?


I have seen another shop/store with categories within in, which looks good, and each category has its own banner and little write up.

Does anyone now how to add this or is it a Brand thing?

I checked the store wasn’t trademarked which it isn’t so can’t see how it can be a brand thing but maybe Im m,ising something, I have messages help but they gave me a complete nonsensical reply!

Many thanks


Hi, not sure if it is different for Hand Made, but we were only able to create store fronts after being approved by Brand Registry. Do you have access to the “Stores” menu item on the top nav of seller central homepage?


I can see the categories on their main page, but I checked whether the store was trade marked as I thought this was a prerequisite for Brand Registry which I am not, so gave up.
I can see the “Store” menu yes, went through there earlier, but then it said you have to be trademarked and I trade under a name but it isn’t registed, as I have a limited company whose name I didn’t want to use as its different products.


If you go to News from the seller central homepage and scroll down you will see this
28 December 2021

Amazon Handmade: Maker Profile friendly URL extension ending

If you click where it says Brand Registry waiver it will take you to a page where Handmade sellers don’t need to be trademarked to register your brand on Amazon and get a storefront. I saw it last year but I’m afraid it’s still on my to do list so I can’t say whether its worth the hassle or even if it is a hassle at all.
I’m guessing this is how the other shop has its own banner and categories.


Found it thank you, will go through that process, brilliant :slight_smile:


That’s great. After looking at it again I think I will too :slightly_smiling_face:


I have done the submission but at the end it said “thank you for completing our survey”! God knows, anyway not heard anything, no brand waiting for approval, so looks like I sit and wait :frowning_face:


Oh my God :confused: You just couldn’t make it up!
I wish you well but it doesn’t sound too hopeful does it :crossed_fingers:


I have been onto supportr via email and they sent me terse reply telling me to be patient! And also that it takes 6-8 weeks and I will find whether I have been accepted once its been approved or not approved. So at least that’s something. Onward and upwards with trying to add products now, that’s providing a challenge!

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