Double vat in IT but less sales?


We seem to be paying twice as much vat in IT as we are in DE…but our IT sales are 30% less than DE.

Is this happening to other PAN sellers ?

It has only been for the last three months. I am worried that the reporting is wrong somehow


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Did you try to contact the Seller Support and get more information regarding this topic?

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Hi Julia,

Yes in an ideal world I love seller support help but from past experience getting an answer on a question like this is very difficult. Unless you can suggest a more direct route to someone who can answer this?


Hello @ World_Sports_vision1!

Oh yes, the ideal world would be great indeed :smiley:

I know, that there is a special department answering VAT inquiries. Did you choose a specific topic when contacting Seller Support or the general contact form?



Dont forget Italy VAT is 22% but German VAT is 19% - could this account for the difference?


This would make sense, but @ World_Sports_vision1 says it´s double… Always worth to try to contact the VAT department. Maybe there are new procedures in place or settings issue.

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