Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


Hi Folks, I have noticed a big drop in sales, particularly in the past two to three weeks to the UK and Germany where I sell a fair bit. I’m not sure why but wondered if anyone has had a similar issue.


Please check this thread where multiple sellers are discussing their experience of suffering from decrease of sales and actions and steps taken to improve their listings:

Also, as you may have noticed, there was recently a thread regarding a site-wide technical issue which was known to affect orders, however this was already fixed and Amazon currently does not appear to be acknowledging any other problems:


Yes a lot of sellers have had the same issue some 50 percent down. Amazon recently changed search algorithm and probably soneyujng else. Too many people are down signifigantly last few weeks for no reason


yes, Im spending more on sponsored products and sales are picking up but really its all guess work, sometimes I sell more without adverts


Thanks Kika, looking at some of the comments on those threads, it seems it’s not just me. Whilst that makes me feel a wee bit better, I will check through my listings to make sure they are all ok.


Forgive me for sounding like a dummy, but I sell t shirts and wondered if I should be adding more to my titles or the descriptions ? any suggestions …


Could you post some example ASINs for feedback?

If these are t-shirts, ensure that they don’t include any third party trademarked terms within their titles, bullet points or description.


I have had a response from Amazon.

It has nothing to do with the Titles, it basically is that Amazon are manipulating the search results drastically.

My example over in the other suggested thread, I did a search on friends laptop of my items, narrowed to PRIME only then sorted to price low to high - I got ONLY 1 page of results and my items were not included in these results even though the price was lower so the end customer is NOT getting a true set of results no matter which way they filter. This is one major reason I believe in a mass drop of sales for all.

Amazon have admitted so.

However, the ASINs are not searchable when sorted by price ‘Low to High’ because as per the update received from our internal team a complex system is employed to provide customers with the best shopping experience. This system occasionally filters shopping results in order to present matching products to the customer at various price points.

_I would like to inform you that there is no “fix” for this issue, because it is working as designed. The team is continually fine-tuning the presentation to provide customers with the greatest value, selection, and information for their online purchasing decisions. _

I would like to inform you that the search list is constantly subject to change and their ASIN may become eligible in the future.



What a load of twaddle !
I can only speak from the point of a bookseller, but search results that do not display the correct title that you have entered is NOT the best shopping experience for someone looking for a specific title - which is what most book buyers are.


All of our products are on P1 of searches yet our sales in the past 4 weeks are 2/3 down. We also have huge blackout periods like 7 hours with no orders yet a month ago we would never go 70 minutes without one, unless its overnight and even then, nothing like 7 hours.


Would these do ?


Search term: Bruce Springsteen T-Shirt

Filters: Low to High price and PRIME

Only ONE result for £23.99 CID Mens Grey Marl Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Cadillac T-shirt

Eddie Vedder T Shirt

PRIME & Low to High

2 results only - one saying 'I love Grunge: and another Pearl Jam

Seriously I do not know what Amazon is playing at - as a customer that is not the search results I want to see if I was looking for a BS or EV t-shirt.

Same with my listings or to be honest anything I want to buy on Amazon as a regular customer


Search ‘Christmas Jumpers’.

Sponsored results aside how many of the results on the first page are actually remotely related to a christmas jumper? Yet there are thousands of Christmas jumper listings, on that first page every single product returned should be a christmas jumper.

Do the same search on eBay, the results are much more relevant.

Amazon search is broken.


Thank you for your reply. In a way I’m pleased to hear that it isn’t only me that’s being hit by this.
My designs are all my own work so having others undercut me isn’t going to happen as they are all exclusive to me, unless of course someone else goes to the trouble of copying my work.

I’m not sure what I can do now to change anything, or make it any better so I guess I’ll have to just hope things turn around soon. It is puzzling though to think the Amazon seem to want to make it harder to sell, as they get a cut. So we both lose ?


In the last 2 years I have never not had atleast 15-20 sales. Today I am on zero. Never had this before.


Take for example B07F1BPQ3W, this shows up on the first page of results for ‘Christmas Jumpers’ despite being a floral summer dress. So how is it ranking so high on a search for ‘Christmas Jumpers’?

Check the bullet points for this listing. Crammed full of keyword spam, which contains the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Jumper’.

I’ve seen lots of Chinese listings that manipulate search like this. Just hammering the bullet points with keywords. It’s against policy, but it seems to work.

I’m always reporting listings like this that keyword spam in the bullet points, and nothing ever happens.


We are all having it despite spending extra on campaigns. Now I have found out about the manipulation I have stopped our campaigns right across Europe.


i had acos at 95 % today i spent as much as the ads brought in. i have NEVER had that happen i am usually at 10-12% last 2 weeks have been hidious. i have turned ads off.


Ours have been similar. Thinking of turning off SFP too so when we do get a sale the postage will be cheaper and less pressure.