Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


Can’t get back to where we were before the bad drop in the first week of September.


De. is up like never before - seems to be UK marketplaces that have taken a hit


Same here…

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is their any news from amazon why the death of sales on this platform, been on here for years never seen anything like this before our sales crashed at the end of september, cs is a waste of time they keep telling me everything is good with the account, luckily I retire next year but I do feel for those on here who have stock commitments to suppliers and now find themselves stuck with stuff they can’t giveaway.


The ‘Black Friday Starts in’ countdown timer plastered all over Amazon site probably doesn’t help encourage people to spend right now. Who wants to buy something knowing in however many days, minutes and seconds that same item could be part of the ‘amazing’ Black Friday sale event?
Added to that the product search facility seems to have gone senile and you’ve got pretty bleak selling conditions.


yes I agree that the banners and hype for black friday is detrimental to sellers but has this been the case since september, we definitely noticed a massive dip from then.
I just had the perfect example of the black friday effect with my daughter, I offered to buy her an Amazon echo today and she has told me to wait till black friday.


Same problem here. Some of my items are not even appearing in searches at all. I contacted Amazon today about 1 listing and they replied and said ‘we have refreshed’ your listing from our end and it is now showing. I am left wondering what the hell a refresh is, there was nothing technically wrong with that listing, it was almost like it was turned off and they turned it back on. Something is very broken with their search at the moment but according to them, it is working as it should. My sales are shocking on here at the moment, the worse they have been for almost 10 years. Over on the auction site, my sales are 30% up on last year. People are spending money, but maybe not so much on here anymore.


I thought I would try the same but I can’t even contact SS. The option to either email or get them to phone us has gone. I have an item that had the ‘Best Seller’ badge on almost constantly. We design and manufacture our own products and then somebody at Amazon messed with it and made it unbuyable. We spent 2 months trying to get this sorted, in the end resorting to contacting the MDs office. We still can’t sell it as we are not sure it is getting views as our impressions are about a quarter of what they were. We have even been spending a fortune on advertising to try to climb sales rank again, it was always in the top 100. We now have it set at 84p and 884% in placements and still can’t get it to show on Top of Search (first page) so it has to be hidden for some reason but we can’t find why or how.


I finally managed to open a case with SS and the reply went to our .com email address. Strange things are happening at the moment. Hope that our listing works again when they ‘refresh’ it.


2 months ago some one flicked a switch to 50% down ???


40 sales plus a month for the last ten years
No sales now for the last 12 days something is drastically wrong seller support do not have a clue
I’m at my wits end it’s like all my stock nearly 4000 lines are not in search engine
When you complain to seller support all they say are your listings are all ok
Yeah right


I have had 142 impressions on a campaign set at £8 per click all day. This would have had thousands by now set at 10p a click prior to September. Nobody can say that listings aren’t being suppressed. Luckily it is being investigated as Advertising Support and Executive Seller Relations Team have both been emailing. EXRT are telling me that as our items are in Handmade we will get less views. Nobody filters by Handmade and we were always shown in general searches prior to September so I have asked them to confirm that Handmade only gets shown if people filter to it. If this is so then I will come out of Handmade and pay the monthly fee to go into the general side. It is as though nobody can give proper advice no matter how hard they try. The items are also Seller Fulfilled Prime which is the only filter that shoppers actually use.


Seller support have now clue either, hence the same response they give to everyone.


Some one flicked the selling switch back on?


Well, i’ve done all i can and it’s game up for me on Amazon. If you are not using FBA then it’s all over (or soon will be). The financial climate as well as multiple other factors have made it almost impossible to sell online as a small seller, especially through Amazon and eBay. People are simply not spending. So as i start to wind down and work for someone else again, i wish you all well in the future.

ps… well aware that this is not the case for everyone before i’m jumped on.


Well I am already 22% down on last January on Amazon so not looking good but I am on track on Ebay so I will be pushing even more through Ebay this year and hope to start selling on Etsy something I have been planning on doing for months but haven’t had the time to do.

Good luck with the job, I also work I wouldn’t want to just rely on my business far too much pressure.


Yes, we had to throw all nighters on the run up to Xmas and orders have carried on since. It is as though everything has gone back to the way it was before the beginning of Sept.


Interesting,is Etsy actually quite good for you ?


Apparently, Amazon shoppers mainly shop between the hours of 2am-6am, because that’s when we’ve been getting the majority of our sales…


Yep I sell CD/DVD to .de sales have fallen off a cliff…