Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


Yes, me too, significant drop


Amazon search is broken.


yes, I had a similar issue and I am not sure way


I tried listing some gaming consoles on the Amazon app but I couldn’t even find them on there! The search engine is so bad it seems to push all the fake Chinese junk and completely irrelevant stuff. If this is the way Amazon are going to continue then they’ll lose a lot of sellers and buyers. The last few years my sales on Amazon have been diminishing, I’d love to see stuff improve on here but there’s just so much inconsistency.


Sold 1 cd over the weekend.Usually sell 7 or 8 books and cd’s.I’ve seen a steady decline over the last few weeks.


happened same thing to us, i even remember the time around 14:45, 5th of September 2019. We were having blast of a week then all of sudden everything stopped. No orders for rest of the day then it continued for next 3-5 days. then received one or two orders for next couple of days and it’s been the same ever since.

Really disappointed…


My sales went down , the search results are ridiculous.Also there is no consistency at all, one day I sell from one product 30 unit the other day just 5.
Sometimes completely irrelevant junk coming up for main keywords .

The last 2-3 weeks the advert is just went crazy ,
My acos is 90-100% .
Never happened this before me too.
I’ve stopped the advert today as I don’t want to burn more money.
I always used to be on the first page for a year , and now every week one or two new Chinese seller is coming and suddenly their product get 80 -100 review in a 2-3 weeks.
All with pictures of course,
I do not understand how these fake reviews can’t be picked up by the bot…
I’ve sold over 10.000 unit from one of my item in the last year and I’ve 150 review.
I don’t know what’s going on but it feels very unfair , greedy and very manipulated.
You can’t be richer than the richest person in the world isn’t it ?


I’m a relatively new small book seller. I roughly average between 1-3 books daily. Which is not a lot in the grand scale of things… But since last Tuesday I’ve had zero book sales. Getting concerned… :frowning:


I looked at one of my items yesterday at 3.95 delivered and amazon had the buy box at 12.99…….when customers notice this there will be a backlash.


Yes, the search results are returning random items. Something is badly wrong with the search. Some of our items that have been on page one for the last two years completely disappeared yesterday from the catalogue. I noticed this was the same for some of my competitors also. The search is also returning completely wrong sponsored ads. I searched for a table lamp and sponsored ads for coffee machines showed up???


Thank you to everyone for getting in touch. It seems then that the fault is with Amazon’s search. I will try contacting S.S. to see what is going on then get back with any updates…


Totally agree - it is ridiculous how the search is working.
If customers want to buy a certain item, that is what they are looking for, not something that Amazon have decided they MIGHT want.
I daren’t think how many sales are being lost just because buyers assume what they are looking for is not available.
A drastic change of search engine is required.


I am down 69 percent last 3 weeks every day. Selling exact same things as last year at lower prices. I contacted ss and they said nothing wrong. So I have persisted and said yes something very wrong sent photos of search etc. My brand not showing up when u filter with brands when you type keyword only one of my items comes up when there should be hundreds. Search is full of Chinese junk and ads totally unrelated. Now to add insult the ads are being used to max budget and no sales. Something very broken indeed!! Will let you know what ss comes back with which will likely be some cut and paste junk…


Somebody in Amazon who thinks they know all about SEO obviously doesn’t. My handmade items don’t appear on google whereas a few weeks ago they did. The ones that are on 1st page of google, link to items that are out of stock and currently unavailable.
This happened a few months ago too. I seem to have a lovely steady lot of orders (average two a day) for a month, then nothing at all for the next 2 or 3 weeks.


Have spoken to Amazon and they are sending Generic Emails out to reply to the “Search & Browse” issue. They said that all our listings are as per their guidelines (they should be as we Amazon Brand Registry too - so no-one can update the catalogue information except us).

Even when you ask two questions, they only reply with the one generic email which we have received a few of now - testing the water so to speak.

We are also showing down 52%, yet more products offered now then ever before.

We have come off of Seller Fulfilled Prime due to the amount of abused returns and time it takes to file SAFE-T Claims with evidence e.g. customer not even opened sealed packaging, yet claiming “defective”.

When conducting our own Searches, where we would display quite high and also for a few items “Amazon Choice for…”, these also don’t now show apart from one.

It now seems to be promoting everything that is either on Prime or items that are their own, more than anything else, or those that are more expensive - even without Prime offers.

I guess that leads to just one solution:

  1. Go over Search (to be honest these keywords etc have already been working for us), but worth a re-visit.
  2. Increase prices to reflect our findings.
  3. Move back to more Prime / Seller Fulfilled Prime.

But, this is manipulation by Amazon - but who’s going to stand up against them.


SAME with me. Don’t understand it and it is worrying. ??? why does not Amazon offer some explanation? and it is not the kind of stock we have!


That is very enlightening. I also experience dramatic decrease in sales on Amazon, to the point of thinking about leaving Amazon as it is not worth the time anymore



It is not a recent issue sales dying and ongoing trend. It appears Prime products take priority. I cannot justify the cost of using prime because Prime orders need to be sent using a tracked service which is not feasible on low value orders.


We have just taken our items off SFP as they weren’t showing in searches. These used to have the Amz Best Seller badge on.


One of my staff members has also checked another seller who we follow. It appears that they have also encountered some similar findings to us.

Where our low price items e.g. £3.99 were evenly matched, their price is now £6.99 for the same style product that we use for comparison. (PS. This is a like for like product but our brand vs. their brand). We obviously cannot see what impact this is having on their sales, but I guess if everyone follows suit, then Amazon make more per item, so would the sellers - and Amazon Customers unfortunately would be the ones losing out here.

We are actively looking at this now and any impact on performance we will share, either way.

Have a good day everyone.