Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


Be interesting to know your findings for sure JuicEBitz.


My sales this month doesn’t justify the outlay.Fleabay is alive and well,as are the 2 other venues i use.
I shant carry on “flogging a dead horse” for too long.
Business is business.


i’d say the same - from germany and uk


it has nothing to do wiht prime. all of my items are FBA since early september sales fallen off a cliff.


We sell jewellery so we must have a professional selling account in order to list in that category. (Although the Chinese list their dubious sterling silver tat in any other category to avoid paying the monthly fee plus 25% jewellery category fees, but that’s another matter).

September will be the first ever month where the number of orders will be below the break-even point to make it worth paying the monthly fee, but we have to pay it so are more or less paying something for nothing. I could weep. In 9 years of trading on Amazon it has never been so bad, what has gone wrong??


We started selling jewellery gift sets on FBA in April. It was all going well and smoothly and now I’ve seen a dramatic decline in sales, from 20 sales a day to 0. Whats going on? How can we move forward?


Glad to see that we are not the only ones. In the last 24 hours 4 orders. Over a weekend we should have 60-80 minimum.
Germany for us seems to be operate at normal levels so just cannot figure


Yes I’d like to point out that Amazon.DE has operated just as well as before but UK & FR have taken a HUGE hit in sales.

I don’t like to put the blame on external factors for the drop in sales but looking at the way products have fluctuated in ranking I do believe the MAN8 is big factor and possible an algorithm change.


Same here, our sales have fell off a cliff since the start of September. Our keywords have been altered so that each product variant now has exactly the same keywords in each listing. Not worth upping our pay per click rate since the threshold to gain any traction makes it uneconomical to compete. Market is now dominated by blanket coverage of cheap Chinese products.


Amazon manipulate search results and the whole platform is rigged in their favour. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.


Sales here have been on the slide over the past 2 years even with more items listed.

At present things are at an all time low, down to one third of what we had 3 yeas ago even after doing all the things asked of sellers. Not sure if Amazon is becoming a dead platform for FBM market place sellers.

Shame, I used to love selling on Amazon, now I feel it’s a waste of time and fees


We have been reduced to 20% jewelry category fees now (excluding VAT), but it’s getting harder to sell Jewellery on Amazon now, this is my worst year since I started in 2011. At least Etsy and Ebay are still showing growth for me.


My sales a down massively. I was having a good month then from the 13th September it’s been the worst it’s ever been. I’m glad quarter 4 is round the corner as I can’t sustain sales so bad.

Normally I go through ups and downs but it’s never been like this before


I stopped buying on here, because bought a Bluetooth headset based on 5 star reviews and the battery lasted for 3 months.
I was buying a 3D filament which I like but for some reason the seller increased the price so not worth to buy any more.

Basically its not worth to buy here anything. Used and sometimes new books are cheaper on the old good auction site and we buy electronics from specialized sites. Why we should pay percentage to the seller and plus 10 percent to amazon.

There is a website in China that you can get anything if you can wait 2 weeks, it is up to 2 times cheaper than amazon.


Are you all VAT registered in Germany now? Do you think this could be having an impact perhaps?


Only sell in the UK, still hardly a sniff of a sale, 20% down for the month on last year, not as bad as some others here, but that’s only up to this point, it’s only really kicked in here in the last week, hopefully things will go back to some form of normal soon.


Doubt it’s the German VAT thing. My Amazon.de sales are doing better than my amazon.co.uk sales and I am exempt from the German VAT regulation due to sales volume / not using a German warehouse so never registered for a German VAT number.

However sales on the UK site… are down to worrying levels! 3.75£ takings today instead of my usual 100 - 400 a day… and the last 7days have all be sub £50 as well however advertising spent has sky rocketed.


I am a small seller of used books and cds, and have seen my sales drop dramatically for no apparent reason


Can you tell me what MAN8 means?


hi i know this might sound funny but look for christmas jumpers under classical music, it starts off 3 to 4 items on first 5 pages but as you get to around page 9-10 its about 8-10 christmas jumpers for sale…can anyone figure this one out, on page 4 there are 11 listings for adults and one for the dog …