Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


How do I check if i am VAT registered in Germany. I sell from Scotland to the UK, Germany and France.


Not at all. I only list on the UK site and only deliver within the UK. Germany has nothing to do with it at all


We are also having the same problems, 50 - 60% of orders has dropped.


Do you store stock IN Germany or France? [at Amazon FBA?] or do your sales to those countries exceed the distance selling threshholds?
If not hen you do not need to be VAT regitsered in either FR or DE, but if you do [maybe you use PanEU?] then you should be VAT registered in both [assuming the answer is yes for both]
If you were VAT registered in DE you would be in no doubts, so it is safe to assume that you are not currently registered there.


So has anyone been given a explanation as to why sales have dropped off so drastically ? I’m 50% down my avarage.


So basically they have pushed everyone that was selling off the top in order for cheaper priced products from Chinese seller to come to the fore ?


No nothing at all, total breakdown, disgrace



I got in touch with Amazon this morning and was told that from their side everything looks fine. I then sent a link of an example of my search and the women then said she would pass this on to their technical team, and someone would get back to me …needless to say I’m still waiting and dont hold out much hope on getting a call back any time soon.

I am absolutely certain something has been changed or stopped in some way as I would normally sell at least one or two items to Germany most days but have only had one or two in the last 14 days or so…

Amazon looks like a waste of time and money now.


We are still waiting from last week. SS told us our item wasn’t showing up and referred it to tech. We tried to chase it up yesterday and got the usual ‘thank you for your patience’ copy and pasted twaddle. Still not resolved today.


something is definitely wrong we went from 600-900£ a day, to less than £200. and its like several hours before we get a sale. items not coming up in search so i have no idea how customers are even finding some products as i have been unable to find them myself. ive even copied majority of the title but still nothing shows in search results, we have sold a few so im baffled on how customers are finding the listings, the only way i can think is they clicking on our store name and buying from there as theres no way they are finding it via search.

i have asked a friend to tag on to my products and see if they come up in search results as my account is currently really poor account health, i sell vaping products and amz recently changed there policy and certain words or flavours not allowed to be sold so over night 100’s of listings been taken down so i assumed as my account health is bad it could be due to that why my products are not coming up in search results. but reading this thread it seems its everyone and all categories are having issues. but have no idea what to do.


same here 50% drop sales are are worse than snails pace. not had a sale since 2:53pm. and after 5pm we get alot of sales but nothing and its been like this for a full week. dont know what amz are playing at but it defo doesnt look good


I’ve never noticed this before, but when I clicked on one of our items, just underneath the buy box there’s an Ad “BARGAIN BUYS” which lists three similar items that are dirt cheap.

This, if it’s new could be part of the issue. Sellers find your item… go to buy and… "wait. what’s this? Something vaguely similar for £1.99…(no mentioning that it’s cheap tat from China and they’ll have to wait a month for it to arrive)


mines been dead since fri but i did notice id disappeared from the seller box and the brand box on the main page so i messaged brand support and my files were classified wrong by amazon and will take up to 72 hours to fix , its been 24 hours and orders have started again so maybe get them to check your adds are classified right and you show up in the brands and seller section on the main product page


im not sure whats happened to mine

my buy box is 98% but my sales have dropped 60% in the last 10 days


It’s just inbetween the summer holidays and people getting paid that’s why it so quiet,
it’s been quite a poor summer across the board on all selling channels.

Having said that Amazon is an extremely volatile place to trade and you can be going along nicely one minute and something changes causing sales to decrease and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

As long as sales ramp up again in a week or two you should all be fine, a poor month isn’t the end of the world.
We’ve had decreasing sales on Amazon over the last 5 years and we are still hanging on in (just),

I’m sure if you haven’t seen a prolonged spell and it’s only been a week or two then things will go back to normal at the end if this month.


No problems with our Amazon search results but our sales are significantly down too. It’s the same on our website so any problems are possibly being compounded by low consumer spending and for many sellers September will be a generally quiet month anyway.


Have you applied for a German Tax reference? See the link below for Amazon’s news on German Tax Certificate requirement which comes into force on the 1st October 2019
Everyone selling to German customers will be required to hold a German Tax Certificate according to new legislation.


Not quite correct.

You only have to hold that German tax certificate if you are above the selling threshold are meet one of the other criteria.

If you don’t meet the criteria you just have to ensure you’ve agreed to their statement that you do not need to apply.


Bit of an odd month this September is turning out to be.

For us, the Chinese are not under-cutting though.

We sell on own product, generally fridge magnets & keyrings.

Now and again we get feedback that at £3.00 'It’s expensive for what it is.

This month alone, the top of sponsored, as well as organic listings have been flooded with Fridge Magnets coming from China at £8.40 inc p.p

£8.40 for one Fridge Magnet. Wow, and some think £3.00 is expensive! And this is what customers first see when searching. Over-priced market place.


Echoing what everyone else is saying, our sales have plummeted since early September. FBA and our European sales in particular but UK also down. We have gone from having about 25-30 FBA orders per day to around 5 and FBM has halved.

Not good :frowning: