Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


I had some sales issues which appear to have been resolved (I changed product title and played around with my advertising).

Today as been dire, however. I notice that my ad campaign hasn’t run out, which is unusual. I out this down to less people looking for my niche (gifts) today; maybe related to end of month. I dont know. but my worst day for 2 months.



Hello. A couple of days in and we have some information to share:

  1. Increasing prices by £0.50 - £2.00 per item roughly has made no difference to the volume of sales either up or down, but we don’t have any direct competition apart from other “Brands”. The only benefit is that we obviously have a little more profit in the items - but this was inevitable and planned for 2020 anyway.
  2. In Search, we have been working on keyword searches and submitting new information to the catalogue against these products - of course we don’t expect an immediate result, but here are two things that may help:

We haven’t used these before, but we are now following some of these guidelines and are going to try Jungle Scout for 1 Month to see if it helps.

  1. When using the same search terms as we do before listing our products and checking our placements, we now don’t even appear in search, where we did before. We have however, noticed that listings with shorter titles and those defined within the first 5 or 6 used words. e.g. “[BrandName] KW1 KW2 KW3 KW4 KW5 [and then the rest of your title]”, appear to match search terms better and higher ranked than “[BrandName] text KW1 text text text KW2 KW3 text KW4 text text text KW5 [and then the rest of your title]”, for instance.

  2. Suddenly there also seems to be some random Chinese Sellers never seen before, appearing on Page 1 and 2, and the listings aren’t even good - neither are the reviews and their shop score is much, much lower than ours, so we really don’t get how they are even showing in the first few of pages and we don’t even come up at all anymore where we always used to display (These are not sponsored products either).

The exact amount we are down now is 58.8% MTD, and even FBA stock has slowed down - some items haven’t even moved in a week - whereas before, we would sell a good 20 - 30 units a week on each model.

Something is wrong - very wrong but Amazon keep giving the same message here - a template that all sellers are getting - and @Katzenworld_Shop has also already posted this along with other sellers.

Amazon Message Response Follows

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support. Thank you for contacting us.

With regards to your email, I could understand that your concern is regarding your seller account wherein you mentioned that there is a drop in sales.

In this regards, I would like to inform you that I have reviewed your seller account and all of your inventory are showing active status and they are live on Amazon and visible in respective marketplaces.

Moreover, please know that your performance metrics are in shape, all activities are being performed as It is set by the instructions and guidelines.

Therefore I would request you to not worry in this regards also in order to boost sale I would like to inform you that the biggest drivers of sales on Amazon.co.uk are Search and Browse. There are three key areas you can work on to more effectively surface items and drive sales: search terms, the browse node, and detail pages.

►Search Terms

Search is based on three fields of information: title, brand, and the five keywords provided in the inventory feeds. To optimise search results, use a descriptive title, including applicable information from the following:

  1. Brand, item description (MP3 Player, Computer Speakers)
  2. Line (Rio, JBL)
  3. Colour (Black, Gray)
  4. Size (20 Gig, 15")
  5. Quantity (Pair, Twin Pack)

Do not repeat terms from the title or brand fields in the five search keywords. The keywords should give related ways for customers to find your product. For example, if the product makes a good Mother’s Day gift, use that as a keyword term. You can test different terms to see what works best to surface your product.

Title Example: Rio 40GB Green MP3 Player

For more information using search terms, please refer to:


►Browse Nodes

To better surface your products in browse, use the most specific categorisation terms available, and provide all applicable keyword attributes.

For more information regarding categorising your products, please refer to:


►Product Detail Pages

Once a customer finds the product through Search or Browse, the product page becomes your selling point. You should ensure your product pages meet or exceed other merchants in your category. There are five key components on the product page that can help with sales: title, image, price, feature bullets, and description.

Title: As previously mentioned, the title should be descriptive. Title is key to a customer’s buying decision, so you should ensure that the title gives the information a customer needs to differentiate your product from similar ones.

Image: The image should clearly display exactly what the customer is getting. The image should be on a white background and display only the product the customer is purchasing (e.g., if the product is computer speakers, do not show a picture of the computer or other peripherals, only the speakers).

Price: Ensure your price (product + shipping) is a good value. We have found that low or free shipping has a definitive impact on sales.

Featured Bullets: Through testing, we have found that featured bullets increase sales. Featured bullets should be limited to about 80 characters each. They should highlight key features, such as ease of use, notable features, accessories included; basically, whatever separates your product from others. Be consistent with the order of bullets throughout your products. (E.g., if you start with notable features, always start with notable features.) It is fine to repeat information from the title and description. Use bullets to highlight the 5 key takeaways you want customers to have.

Description: This is your opportunity to describe the product in detail. Here, repeat the key features as well as any other information the customer should know. This is also the key place where you can market to the customer. What makes this product so special customers should buy it?

By reviewing the search terms, browse node, and detail pages, and making changes where needed, you are setting yourself up for success. Your products will be easier to find and customers will clearly know the details they need to make a buying decision

For more information about optimising product detail pages, see:


We value your association with us and looking forward to continue business with you and support you in your future endeavour.

Kind regards.

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


Hi Chris, i have had the same issue, from the 1 -13th September were good but from the 13th we have sold what i expect to sell in 1 day, terrible… seems along the board that many people are having the same problems…


The change to my sales happened on the 5th of September. Since then I have one sale a day, so, 25 days since the fifth Sept. and 25 sales I have.


whole month has been DIRE since early september something has been changed big time. first few pages of any search is infiltrated by chinese cr*p


Our September orders are 74% down on August - and August is usually low due to school holiday. There is something seriously wrong somewhere on Amazon. I too notice the cliff-fall from 5th Sept


I think one thing is pretty clear, there are too many people suffering a very significant drop in sales over an extended period for this not to be a significant change to product discovery. Assuming that the process of the sale (i.e. payment) isn’t broken which I don’t think it is then usual way a customer might find products has changes.

Now this could be Amazon directly or it might be a change to an external source that would usually drive traffic to a product. I know for a fact that alot of the time when I am searching for a product to but on amazon I actually use Google to do the search.


I would say that with me sales began to decrease around this date as well to about 50% or slightly less of sales in the weeks before.

On another account which is a separate entity those sales have actually been normal, if not slightly improved.

I find this odd as both accounts sell things which generally people only buy when they really need them.


Today has been the worst day ever - 4 orders which is beyond pathetic.


No sales today after pretty good day yesterday…


same here, very worry, my products are £150 an up so i don’t expect many sales a day but i rarely go a day without 1, i have had 4 in 14 days amazon said my account is fine…


i find it very up and down but more down at the minute, due to the nature and cost of my products i don’t expect them to fly out, but i rarely go a day without 1 order at the least, 4 in 14 days, in a period that should be mad busy…worrying


Well folks, I can now say this is the first Saturday that I haven’t sold anything since the day I started selling on Amazon. This has got to be more than just a quiet time. I have sold 1 item in the last three days. I fear Amazon are up to no good.


I picked up for 3 days then back to nothing all week i don’t expect lots of sales due the nature of my products, but this is the worst period i have known for 10 years


Hi all,

No sales for two days and a fat banner has appeared under the main menue line at seller central “ Sorry, there’s nothing new for you here yet. Stay tuned!“… Any one else has that?


I had that last night also Leo. But its gone today lol But have a new box for messages that were delayed for 3 days instead.
Sales are very odd at the moment and it must be partly due to all this system changing they are doing. There used to be a fairly predictable pattern to sales but last weeks its gone and i am definately seeing a drop in sales since mid September.


Very, very quiet for me. Got the banner.
And, as a buyer on a laptop (can’t remember which category I was searching in) got a horrible drop down banner which obscured the item description which I was trying to read. It appeared as I scrolled down. Having to move the page up and down to get rid of it wasted time. Distracting.


Well I don’t want to tempt fate but after my seller home page mysteriously reverting back to the old style ( I didn’t change it back ) on Tues my sales have also increased to roughly what they have been !
Also after the main brand I sell disappearing from the brand page a few weeks ago, ( and much pestering of Amazon !!) It’s suddenly reappeared everywhere ad it’s back in the brand sidebar where it had been.
So coincidence with with the home page changing it what ??


still very slow for me, its starting to be very worrying… Amazon seller no support says my account is fine. deluded if they think that…


I’ve not sold anything for 7 days on Amazon which is very unusual, but it’s not much better on eBay at the moment.

Website sales are holding their own but I’ve had to increase my Fb advertising spend to maintain sales. I’m now paying out about the same in FB advertising fees as I would in Amazon commissions to maintain sales.

I would expect Amazon sales to remain fairly flat now until Black Friday.