Drop in Sales in the last two to three weeks


to be honest i noticed the trend change around Christmas when black friday started, so maybe this horrible drop in sales is due to a struggling economy, people holding back till the sales, and Amazon been flooded with Chinese sellers, put the three together and you get sleepless nights ha ha


Can I ask if anyone knows if Amazon read the forums. Even if they dont they must realise the sellers dissatisfaction with the poor search facility they use and sellers items appearing way down the list after certain other sellers. I and many many other sellers have asked what is wrong but it seems like they are not interested so I am afraid game playing does seem to come to mind.


There are dedicated Amazon representatives who are reading everything posted on the forums, however they rarely post anything or take any action.


That seems like a great job :):joy:


Did you fill out the German VAT application.I have been blocked for selling to Germany.There are various threads on German VAT issues


Same here, doesn’t matter what I spend…last week I spent £180 on sponsored products…14 sales…this week…spent £0.00 39 sales…I am the only distributor of our live CD’s and DVD’s we are in business with the bands we film and record, no middle men distro company…yet we still don’t win the buy box.


I use click and drop RM first class…not tracked for Prime. Have done this for almost 12 months no issues.


No sales for 36 hours. Poor sales on weekend as well… still no sign of approaching Xmas.


are sales are way down, we should be mad busy now… very worrying


haha, do you mean agents do their work.


Yes I agree. Sales are 50% down. They have done something. But why would they want to stop sales? They make money on every sale. Is very strange.


we should be mad busy now… very worrying ???


As others have also pointed out, I firmly believe it’s due to the current EU investigation.

Read from the horses mouth: https://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-19-4291_en.htm


many thanks, I read it but dont understand it and why my sales fell 50 %


Mine still 50 percent down too been 2 months now and scary forecast next month!


Darren, this looks like it could well be something to do with it.
I have noticed a huge drop, and in fact hardly any sales from Germany yet up until September, it used to be my busiest market place. It’s all particularly frustrating as this should be the start of the bustiest time of the year for sellers on Amazon yet it’s worryingly dead right now.

You can bet Amazon will still want their fees though.


Dead as dust today ???


Is nobody using Amazon to shop in UK today? Even campaigns aren’t gaining much traction.


@Lasercut_Craft1 we are sat in the same boat today . I wonder if its because SFP has gone to 2 day delivery or is it just a freak bad day/week /month/year



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