Dropshippers and a-z claims


This is getting ridiculous now, I have had 4 a-z claims recently ALL with a different buyers name from the delivery address name.

selling low value books it makes no sense to send tracked.

I have opened cases with 2 of them repeatedly telling amazon that its dropshoppers and to investigate the buyers account but they take no notice at all.

after xmas I feel 99% of my stock will be shifted to the bay.

and then we get these polls asking if we feel that amazon support us - what rot!


If you ship with MyHermes, tracking is included in the price, £.2.84 up to kg.2 with parcel2go. Try it.


This has happened to me recently too, if you don’t have tracking and a signature then the A-Z is automatically granted. I even have an email from the addressee (I wrote to them snail mail to check if they had received the book) confirming receipt and saying that they were very happy with it. It’s blatant fraud by unscrupulous dropshippers. To crown it all they left negative feedback, ‘package didn’t arrive’. With low value items it really isn’t worth using tracking. With over 15 years selling books on Amazon and using RM I’ve only known a couple of parcels to genuinely go astray, and my feedback from customers nearly always mentions quick delivery. I’m going to have to reconsider selling on here if it happens to me again. Things ain’t what they used to be.


most of my books are thin and go for less than a pound postage. due to the big sellers often I only get £1.50 after fees so with a pound postage I make 50p

not much I know but I am getting around 80 orders a day for the books and also dvds.


I know the feeling well which is why I removed all of my books from Amazon and now sell them elsewhere. If I have a feeling a buyer is a drop shipper I highlight the price paid and my seller details that are on the packing list and send the item signed for regardless of the selling price.

I’d rather make a loss on a few items that put my account at risk.


just had another - buyer name NOR


Don’t let the b**tards get you down…:hugs:


Get a RM Account, you then obtain a 2D Barcode on each package. It is free of charge.

Amazon still do not let you win A-Z Claims, BUT it stops most claims, as the RM person scans the barcode when delivered, so they know you know it arrived ok, and most Buyers then don’t claim non-delivery


Pretty sure Royal Mail 48 service on account which has proof of delivery is around £1 for large letter? (dependent on weight of course).


I’m pretty sure it’s only the dropshipper claiming INR, not his customer (your delivery address).
They just check if tracking is supplied - if not, auto-INR. $$$ Extra cash $$$, Amazon doesn’t care, you can’t block the fraudster and the loss is yours, only.


Yes, I’m sure you are correct, hence we send EVERYTHING either fully tracked, signed for, or at least for low value items 2D Barcode tracked at point of delivery

If you ring RM they also check GPS tracking and will email you back to say delivered.


Nor got me as well ! and also left me the only negative feedback I ever had ! then tried to buy another book a week later !


Guy, I think that you can also send under 1kg(postable less than 3cm thick) for £2.26 incl VAt with myHermes. Signature can be added for 80p - As stated above, you might lose a bit but can avoid A-Z.

Just a quick tip for sellers in general…
If you are sending an item via a signed service that has a particular weight limit, you can always send the item in a larger, non-postable packet.
If it won’t go through the letterbox, the postie is more likely to get a signature and hand it over to customer rather than leave it or post it through.

I often used to send “Signed for” packets via RM and the postie just posted them through letterbox. Didn’t even scan the tracking so Amazon would record as not delivered.
Checking with customer usually confirmed that item had been posted through without asking for any signature.

I have had far fewer losses since adopting the “bigger pack” approach for dropshippers and flats/ shared addresses


I’ve had same buyer Nor Fil.
Tried to raise an a-z.
Although I don’t send the books tracked, there is a reference on the receipt from the post office which tells you if it’s been delivered and when, confirming the address and postcode.
If you put that reference on the orders, it seems to stop the scammers from trying it on.


i would start shipping with amazon.
the only way you will be covered.

For large letters they charge £1.47 but atleast your covered and then amazon will fund them and it puts them off when they claim from amazon.

We have peice of mind since shipping with amazon. Very few claim non reciept. am sure if they continue claiming amazon will close them down if paid from their own pocket


Can you please clarify something for me. If you ship items yourself (large Letters) how do you use Amazon Shipping?


Enjoy your Gift! Yip they are out of control and abusing Amazon policy for information storage ‘off platform’, using the API to ‘suck out the data’ then storing on eBay or their own websites. Amazon don’t give a hoot, nor do eBay. The make claims all the time and you can see automated claims will come next. I really hate this DS culture.


I traded last xmas but much fewer ASINs so to say it’s been crazy busy so far is an understatement. I assume A-Z’s and negative feedback in generally tends to go up during xmas period. I even saw the message from amazon about how to maintain good metrics during xmas period.

Even if you are on the ball and are shipping everything out on time, the couriers are mega busy and you would assume more prone to making mistakes around this time.


I had a dropshipper claiming to have not received the book that I posted to their customer - I called their bluff and said that I apologise profusely for the item not being received but that under no circumstance would I let the matter drop and that I intended to contact the addressee with full details of the order and costing and ask them to confirm via email to me whether indeed they had received the item. I asked the dropshipper to let me know within 24hours if they wanted me to proceed with this course of action on their behalf. I never heard another word! cant think why??


Cant you just add the cost difference between normal and recorded post onto the tracking and record everything? if your advertising as free postage and the difference is 80p to track maybe add 80p postage?

There has to be a way better than just leaving amazon, if your sales drop 50% because you added 80p postage in order to protect yourself its better than your sales dropping 100% and you will also have the added satisfaction that you are protected against the scumbags so when they try and rip you off you can professionally give them the middle finger.