Dropshippers and a-z claims


Its mad as am sure their account would show all these IND claims and refunds being processed am sure Amazon made a point of this years ago or was that just returns for items sold by Amazon and not third party sellers ?


The latter if I remember rightly. The only time they act is if pushed (hard).


That’s one thing I cannot get my head round is surely Amazon must be seeing the number of INR claims they are making - does it not ring any alarm bells, or is there some ‘insider’ goings on ?


I get the same. I paid them over 12k in March and the amount of A-Z’s is ridiculous. It seems to be customer services first and only option


most of the claims are 2 months old and if amazon looks at the buyer account they see 100’s of orders not claimed for as they dont show up until you scroll down to 2 months ago, no amazon rep is going to bother searching that indepth


Correct. This drop-shippers usual pattern is to claim at approx the 2 month period.



Do you know if M Tibble is a drop shipper, I have had 3 emails today all claiming non delivery of a book posted on 15 April but this was not the name of the recipient. She also left negative feedback for good measure and keeps saying I am not replying to emails when i am. It seems strange sending more than 1 email to the same seller regarding the same book on the same day.


unlikely to be a dropshipper, they wait a couple of months and very rarely leave any feedback.

I had 2 few negs from NOR FIL after i tried the same thing with this seller account


Spotted today, this fraud (MARK CANE) is also using an account in the name MARY CANE.


Yes that is correct. They have exactly the same buyer address. Mary Cane ordered from me yesterday, so I did an “Order Report” and confirmed it’s the same scam drop shipper. Thanks for the heads up anyway.


No worries. Am finding it really useful to be able to see who is really behind these accounts.


They have just had an A to Z granted, claimed I have not replied to 3 emails which clearly show the replies on Amazons system. They originally said it was a gift which will now be late. In their claim they say they were having it sent to someone who is self isolating. The only name of the buyer is M on the order, how on earth do you establish who exactly the buyer is? Not only have they got their money back but gave me negative feedback too. O the joys of selling on Amazon


thanks for the tip about ‘mary’ just had an order from a ‘mary’ and when checked she has ordered 11 from me in 3 months, guess thats a whole load of claims heading my way!


Oh no, sorry to hear that! :frowning_face:


An A to Z has been granted on this. However I have received emails from the recipient who received this book 2 days after it was ordered. They were completely baffled as they had not ordered it. This is clearly fraud, I wonder if the M stands for Mary. Is there any way I can get the buyers full name and address?


You can download an order report, make sure that under the option Add or remove order report columns you have ticked the selection Billing Information


Thank you for that, I will do it now.


Hi was this resolved only I have had an order from Crusader - the first in a while, I always used to send them signed for anyway and will do so with this one but to be honest can’t be bothered with any hassle so if it is going to ‘go missing’ I would rather cancel the order.


Hi, the problem was with the Royal Mail and not their business. Everything eventually turned up but was 4 weeks late. I’ve not sent them anything since but they did have the decency to contact me as soon as the books arrived and offered to send them back or make a re-payment. It was a pain at the time because nobody knew what had happened to the parcels!

I’d send their order, they have always been good honest customers


I had an order from Crusader 2 weeks ago which I dispatched, I have not had a claim for non delivery. I have just posted another order off to them today. Whenever they buy a book from me I always find the price has increased dramatically since listing which makes mine the cheapest by far.