Dropshippers and a-z claims


Oh no, sorry to hear that! :frowning_face:


An A to Z has been granted on this. However I have received emails from the recipient who received this book 2 days after it was ordered. They were completely baffled as they had not ordered it. This is clearly fraud, I wonder if the M stands for Mary. Is there any way I can get the buyers full name and address?


You can download an order report, make sure that under the option Add or remove order report columns you have ticked the selection Billing Information


Thank you for that, I will do it now.


Hi was this resolved only I have had an order from Crusader - the first in a while, I always used to send them signed for anyway and will do so with this one but to be honest can’t be bothered with any hassle so if it is going to ‘go missing’ I would rather cancel the order.


Hi, the problem was with the Royal Mail and not their business. Everything eventually turned up but was 4 weeks late. I’ve not sent them anything since but they did have the decency to contact me as soon as the books arrived and offered to send them back or make a re-payment. It was a pain at the time because nobody knew what had happened to the parcels!

I’d send their order, they have always been good honest customers


I had an order from Crusader 2 weeks ago which I dispatched, I have not had a claim for non delivery. I have just posted another order off to them today. Whenever they buy a book from me I always find the price has increased dramatically since listing which makes mine the cheapest by far.


Hi. I have had many orders from Crusader over the years and never had a problem with any of them, A-Z or otherwise, I find them to be a totally reputable operation. They are good spenders, I only wish I had more like them.


I’ve had numerous orders from Crusader - never had a problem with them as they buy to re-sell under their own account (I think!). aka Paper Cavalier


Crusader and PC are separate sellers as far as I know. Crusader is the buying arm of rbm, I believe.
From what I’ve seen, both of them flood Amazon with non-existent high-priced stock and order from us as and when they get an order.
What makes them more respectable than the hated dropshippers is that they don’t also get us to fulfil the orders all the way to the end buyer. It’s also possible that they get us overseas sails we might not otherwise receive.
In recent years, they seem to have become more prolific with their catalogue spamming (especially rbm).


They used to be the book community till they were wound up in 2013


Yes…I think they were orginally RareBookMeister, though I could be wrong.


Where are you planning on sailing to ?! :rofl:


Somewhere far away and virus free… :slight_smile:


Oh look, the fraud called MARK CANE has just whacked in an A-Z claiming INR for an order that was signed for on delivery. Fancy that.
And how nice to see that Amazon has still failed to close the loophole that allows these frauds to make a claim without contacting the seller first. I reported this loophole to the MD last year. Good to know how concerned Amazon is about protecting its sellers from this abuse.


hello MARK CANE has just seconds ago sent me a ‘wheres my stuff’ type message.

amazon do nothing when we report him.

you can open case after case and he keeps on claiming.

also MARY CANE is another to look out for


Hi, bargainbookman, yes, I reported him weeks ago as well. If Amazon grants this claim (and no doubt they will, in breach of their own rules) I shall be writing to the recipient to get confirmation it was received, will get GPS delivery data from Royal Mail to back up the proof of delivery and will chuck everything at the appeal. When that gets denied, I will do what someone else says they did successfully, which is to send all the proof to Amazon’s legal department along with a letter before action and a demand for compensation for time wasted!


What’s the forum rules for naming other sellers? I have one who ordered 4 times from me. First was cancelled after trying to convince me to cut a deal outside of amazon (instantly knew they were a competitor). Months later they then placed 3 large orders and opened A-Z claims on them without wanting to return it.

They claim to buy lots from amazon and they have begun listing more and more of the same product as me but their main business is buying on amazon British products and sending it to South East asia via selling it on Qoo10.


he put in an a-z on me yesterday. Granted before I even new about it.


Wonderful isn’t it? Just perfect, after all the times he’s been reported, and his record of refunds and claims speaks for itself. They just couldn’t care less.