Dropshippers and a-z claims


Can anyone having issues with MASSEY / TOFFEE APPLE UK please PM me with details I am going to write to the MD, I am in the fortunate situation where my end buyer is willing and happy to do all she can help me fight the a-z claim issued by MASSEY and I am happy to include other examples in my fight if you would like.


Ok update, had the following email overnight:

“We have closed an A-to-z Guarantee claim of £10.79 on order ………… because the customer did not respond to our requests for additional information. No further action is required from you at this time, but if the customer reopens the claim, we will continue our investigation and may reach out to you. If this claim remains closed, we will not count the claim against your Order Defect Rate.

Why is this happening?
The A-to-z Guarantee protects customers when they purchase items sold and fulfilled by you directly. Our guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of items you sell. If customers are unsatisfied with either and cannot reach a resolution with you, we enable them to file a claim with us. In this case, the claim was withdrawn and the case is currently closed.”

Well I am not happy and will challenge this, the end buyer is outraged by the whole situation and will be contacting the MD. Massey can at any point re-open the case and secondly the a-z is still on my metrics until and unless they don’t re-open the case.

This is not just about this fraudster in particular but about the prevalence of such sellers on the marketplace, the sense of fear they create, the time they waste and of course other buyers are actually paying because sellers increase their prices to cover losses.

Rather than the old adage buyer beware it is now very much seller beware, the options open to us are even narrower than before with Amazon removing buyer names forcing us to download reports. I cannot understand why it is beyond such a big company to be able to create a programme where they can flag accounts which have multiple a-z claims / where the buyer sends multiple item not received items.

These buyers should automatically be scrutinized and sent an email saying “that it has come to our attention that you have made x amount of claims and that we are reaching out to you because there clearly appears to be an issue…” or some such Amazon speak email.


You’ve spurred me into a having little rant by reiterating (for those who aren’t sure why some of us are so frustrated by all this) the basics of the problem…

For the most part, these so-called dropshippers are purely parasitic upon genuine marketplace sellers.

They are exploiting a major glitch/loophole in the Amazon system whereby Amazon’s algorithms ‘hide’ the majority of marketplace offerings from search and - for reasons that are not yet clear - highlight the bogus duplicates created by the software these dropshippers use.

Along with their bogus listings and underhand ‘dropshipping’, these sellers have also manipulated their feedback on a big sale, firstly by getting legitimate negatives removed en masse and secondly by creating huge numbers of fake feedbacks to counteract the negs after Amazon (apparently) clamped down on feedback removal.

This has been going on for several years now. It has regularly been chronicled on these forums…yet almost nothing seems to have been done to curb their poisonous activities.

All legitimate sellers suffer because of the presence of these parasites on Amazon.

At the same time, buyers are getting ripped off left right and centre.

This all points, at best, to a failure of management. At worst, to corruption.

Possibly the only reason it doesn’t make headline news is that the techniques used are not easy to understand by those who just use Amazon casually. It’s also now so deeply entwined in the fabric of Amazon that most buyers are almost certainly of the opinion that it’s simply ‘how Amazon is’ and don’t realise they are being conned.


If there’s no signature there’s no evidence of delivery so make a claim against the delivery company.


Did you upload the tracking number when you marked the item as shipped?


Worse than that, if the customer does realise they are being conned the drop shipper makes up some excuse and bribes the buyer telling them to keep the product in the knowledge they are going to claim against the seller anyway and with no sanctions from Amz - win win.


And in that scenario, the only one to really lose out is the poor but honest marketplace seller…:roll_eyes:


I marked it as shipped then went to the Post Office not planning to track the book particularly, it was just that it was big and heavy and the only option there was Parcelforce 48 tracked. So it was a “happy” coincidence which gave me visibility of the level of fraud ultimately. I didn’t expect to have a problem with a signed for item so when Nor said item not received I was pretty triumphant when I said “but I have evidence that you got and signed for it”. I wasn’t expecting amazon to refund them with this dialogue in evidence. They should look at the messages before they refund!


@beebopalula If you don’t add tracking the same time as you mark the item as shipped Amazon will automatically refund. I don’t agree with it but sadly that’s the way it is.


Going forward it’s a pain in the a… but if you suspect a drop shipper include a letter to the buyer (I have one saved) explaining that since the item has been purchased by a third party with a name that differs from the dispatch details you have reason to believe that they have purchased from a drop shipper. Give them your email address and your telephone number and ask them to a) contact you on receipt and b) if it is ok for you to contact them again if necessary to vouch safe it has arrived.

My book was just sent with the 2d tracking (I am not going to pay for additional cover on low priced items), I did upload the tracking at the time of marking dispatched and the book was scanned and showed delivery and of course the real buyer came up trumps confirming receipt at which time I emailed the drop shipper so there was a clear trail.


So Dropshipper gets 2 emails from Amazon. 1st confirming dispatch and 2nd later updating tracking. Informing them of a guaranteed AZ claim win. I can understand why Amazon don’t like late tracking updates as it can be used to cheat ODR rate. But updating tracking an hour or two later is not cheating anyone.


But this is the nub of the problem amazon’s systems are so automated that rational explanations don’t figure. It shouldn’t actually matter whether I kept the tracking a secret or not. The fact is that I know they got it, they know I know they got it, amazon just need proof I know and then they should find in my favour regardless of whether I operated within their optimum system. The rule shouldn’t be no tracking on system automatic refund, there should be investigation then ruling.


And part of that investigation should be”oh look it’s Nor again!! “ maybe there’s a problem here


I believe the reason for this is unscrupulous sellers would mark an item as shipped but not ship it. A day or two later they’d send a postcard to the buyer by signed for post which the buyer would sign for. The seller would then add the tracking number to the order which would show as received.


Wow, so much skullduggery!


Yep.That’s why I always buy my postage on Amazon


another one from my list is Bretton Allen/V Mittal who seems Uk based via order download. Thanks for the tip on how to see billing addresses. How can we make a list that is easy to see patterns?


Just thinking outside the box, where we know the drop shippers name and address (and they are UK sellers) is it worth reporting them to Royal Mail, they are after all claiming inr but we can provide tracking. At least RM will do something about it if enough people raise a complaint. I imagine that the same would be true for US (and us drop shippers) and their mail service.


If a claim was made to the Royal Mail each time this happened, would they not suspect that something was going wrong and look into it?
I haven’t claimed for an INR for over 10 years so do not know what the claim form looks like now.
Presumably they would ask why we were claiming INR when they have info that it has been delivered.
Would there be a section where you would be able to indicate that the buyer was a third party and would we be able to divulge that information?


Like the comment above, is there no trigger point for the number of A-Z claims a buyer puts in? Surely the claims these dropshippers are putting in are wildly out of line with the average.