Dropshippers and a-z claims


If it shows as delivered you cannot make a claim against Royal Mail. If you try to you will have wasted your time as your claim will be rejected.


But you could make a complaint each time.


Another suspicious dropshipper RYAN or RYAN PINTO

Usual MO-lowish value paperback, curt message sent in the early hours, more than 8 weeks since book sent. He is based in Mumbai India

On the upside it appears that order reports stretching back 90 days still have customer and recipient details. It was my impression that these details were being deleted after 30 days


Royal Mail will inform you it is nothing to do with them as they have evidence of delivery and to take the matter up with Amazon.


Yes that’s my thinking, basically it’s attempted fraud using Royal Mail and they have a Fraud Department, I think I am going to look into it when I am back at work next week since I work for RM.


I’m getting tired of having to download order reports just to see who is actually buying from me.

Why does Amazon insist on making things more difficult for its sellers? :frowning:


Ryan Pinto is one of the many buying accounts of Majestic Texts based in India


Ta muchly, you’re very good at researching these chaps!


Do you buy your postage through Amz or through the RM web site?


Anyone know anything about a no invoice drop shipper called Mary Zhou, sounds Chinese and I think for the £7.50 it isnt worth the hassle that I am sure I will get. Think this one is going to be cancelled.


Or I may just send them the following and see if they cancel the order of their own volition:

"I notice that your buyer name and that of the recipient differ suggesting that you may be a drop shipper and in light of this I will be including the following letter with the order due to the number of a-z claims made by other drop shippers:

" Hi End purchaser,

Since your order (Title £7.20 + £2.80) appears to have been purchased through a third party I would appreciate it if you would confirm receipt of your order either by text or email, my email address is … and my mobile number is …

On the included order slip you will see that my trading name on Amazon is … and the book was purchased by ‘Mary Zhou’ through Amazon UK, I am not sure if you know ‘Mary’ or if not, which site you purchased the book from or the business name of the seller but would appreciate it if you could also confirm this too.


My name (my trading name)


sounds a good idea.

does anyone know of a NOVA - bought a rather expensive book to a third party


I’ve tried that on the one recent occasion when I was caught by a duplicate I hadn’t merged. No response at all from the eventual buyer.

I still think it’s worth messaging your buyer (Mary Zhou) and requesting her full business address because you are required to issue an invoice. If you get it you can address her directly if she tries an a-z, if she refuses you have grounds to cancel without a strike.


Sorry, I was skimming and misunderstood your original plan. My apologies


I withdraw the name Ryan Pinto, as I have been able to contact the end customer who confirms it was not delivered. Refund completed by me , my apologies


That’s ok, I haven’t heard from Mary but the order came in overnight so I suspect a time difference and I may get a cancellation request yet. If not my letter is ready - and I have explained why I need confirmation of delivery.

I will send the book SF because it’s a large letter but we all know that that’s no guarantee that I would win an a-z but it gives me ammunition to fight with :frowning:


You would think, with all the hoops Amazon makes us jump through in order to sell here, they might by now have found a way to weed out the dodgy dropshippers.



Standard “please give my money back” email. Order name (OLIVIA) and address different so highly likely a drop-shipper.


Did you reply asking why you should issue a refund?


No. Because I know how the system works. I reply asking “why…” and the drop-shipper opens an A-Z. Easy as 1,2,3.

The sad reality is this is the new (serious) problem we as online-sellers will face going forward. The problem was always there, just now it’s a LOT bigger.