Dropshippers and a-z claims


If everyone who gets an INR claim from a known dropshipper was to report that seller rather than rolling over and refunding or whatever, then you would think (hope !) that Amazon would build up a picture of their fraudulent activity and do something about it.
Some of them must be making thousands of INR claims which should surely ring alarm bells.


Have to agree, we have supplied Paper Cavalier for years and no problems but then in last month we have had 5 non deliveries and 4 A-Zs which was the first we knew of non delivery! We now only send if value warrants signed for as something has changed there. Would have said 100% reliable 6 weeks ago, now would not send anything without signature service


yes OLIVIA has had refunds from me


Agree about Paper Cavalier - NEVER had a problem with them in over a decade.
The cynic in me is wondering if they, or someone who works for them, have sussed out what (some) other sellers are doing and infiltrated a good company.


The name on my last few orders from PC has only been Uk no actual name of a person


PC are not dropshippers, as far as I’m aware, so it’s a slightly different issue.

On the other hand, they list an awful lot of presumably phantom products at wildly inflated prices so do have something common with the duplicate/dropship brigade.


They had an american arm called near fine but that name disappeared a few years ago so they may have a new name


Agree, as they have the books sent to them and they then forward on.
I presume they are more of a book search company.


Perhaps PC were having Christmas rush issues? Like others I have dealt with them (mostly through my previous employer) for around a decade and they have been perfect customers. Hopefully it was just a blip.


Something else to bear in mind about the duplicate/dropship brigade - it is in their interests that the catalogue be in a mess.

I notice that many of their duplicates have info in the titles that is often missing in the official listing page. Names of authors or performers and full titles, for instance.

The correct thing to do when you list against an imperfect product page is to correct and update it.

The wrong - but possibly more lucrative - action is to make a duplicate page with the extra info added in the title.

My suspicion is that some of the duplicators have found a way to deliberately sabotage original listings (ie, those that are tied to official ISBNs and EANs) in order to make their bogus duplicate ASINs more prominent in search results.


We’ve had the same. They’ve been a customer for years with very few issues but have contacted us a few times in the last month requesting dispatch confirmations which never usually happens. They have only requested one refund though and did not A-Z it. I wonder if they were genuinely having issues with their postal delivery over December/January as I think they consolidate rather than drop ship? Seller name for these guys is NearFine (not 100% sure about the capitalisation) btw.


On Amazon UK they sell as Paper Cavalier (possibly other names too).


Just to add - Nearfine was the name they used to sell under but they changed it to PC on the UK site, at least.


I have had a couple of items sell recently where the title has been altered and does not give the name of the actual item for sale. I was surprised that the customer had managed to find mine.


Had a message from Paper Cavalier this morning to let me know the book that had previously been refunded for on Abebooks has finally arrived, and could we reverse the refund.


Going back to that topic…
Who knew Switzerland was actually in California… ‘Amazing’:






I guess they can say they are dispatching from anywhere, being a dropshipper as it would make no difference.
Maybe they do have storage facilities in Switzerland :thinking: it would only need to be the size of a safety deposit box in their case. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol


just had an ‘item not delivered please refund’ from MURAT a regular dropshipper, this one from early October. waiting for the a-z having told him I have reported him to amazon for fraud


And now another £12.00 one from NOR

what the F***K is going on!


Murat is a buying account for Pi Store.
Murat raised an A-Z claim against me which was granted. I even lost the appeal despite having a signed letter from the recipient proving delivery. I have now reported this to Amazon under ‘Report a Violation’
Don’t forget when you complain to mention Pi Store as this is the main account that should be suspended.