Dropshippers and a-z claims


This is where Amazon is complicit in fraudulent activity - it makes me SO angry.


The same thing happened to me in November with Murat. I also had a letter from the recipient proving delivery.

I wrote a letter to Amazon’s Legal Department, stating that I would take them to Small Claims at the County Court, unless they refunded me &; removed the negative feedback he had left. I also asked for compensation for the time I have spent trying to sort this out. I supplied them with all the documentation I had including Proof of delivery (2D barcoded but not signed for), an email from the school who received the book saying that they had received it, were happy and had never submitted a claim to Murat, a copy of Murat’s Amazon buyer and seller (Pi Stores) accounts - operating from the same address, showing that he was a dropshipper against their own terms and conditions,

Within days Amazon emailed me, said that they had reviewed their decision and found in my favour - they:-

  1. Refunded me
  2. Removed the feedback and said that the order wouldn’t count against my order defect rate - not just a strike through the feedback has actually gone altogether
  3. Credited my account with the compensation I asked for.

As you have proof that the recipient has the item I suggest you do the same.


Maybe you also threatened to burn down their London HQ. Excellent !!!


Excellent advice/information. Thank you.


Fairly certain that would be against their terms and conditions!!!


Problem is not enough people fight back, I did with reference to Massey and my a-z was withdrawn - mine was just a 2d barcode and like you I had proof of delivery from the end recipient (several emails) who was only too happy to have Amz contact her.

If everyone who had concrete proof contacted the legal department or (in my case) the MD’s office they would be snowed under and would see the actual extent of the fraud going on.


Well done, but it just stinks that it is us who has to do all the fighting for what is right, not just the time it takes us but also those at the other end.


Can they, though?

I haven’t tested it but I assume the ‘Dispatched from’ bit is automatically assigned by Amazon…
There’s a lot of murky stuff going on with these bogus dropshippers. Perhaps it will all come out in the wash one day.
It feels like a big scandal in the making. If it wasn’t so convoluted I think it would be getting more press attention


Yes, right next to the default shipping address there’s simply an edit button.


If I click the button beside my default shipping address in SC, up pops this message:

What is the default shipping address?
The default shipping address is the primary physical location, email address, and phone number you use for shipping orders. This information is saved into your account and will automatically appear when you select an address in the Buy Shipping preferences, and Shipping Settings page

When these sellers that have businesses registered in California put Switzerland as their ‘dispatch from’ location, presumably they have to give an actual address rather than simply state a country?

I guess it’s some sort of dodge to get around tax or import rules or something but seeing as everything about these sellers is dodgy, they might as well say they ship from the moon…


I had an INR from him last year. Only a cheap magazine. I refunded and claimed from Royal Mail. I was better off financially as they refunded the cost of the item and postage in full.


yet another a-z from murat

I have reported murat and nor multiple times but nobody at amazon takes any notice.

If 20 sellers all bought a pi store item and claimed a-z’s AND left negative feedback PI STORE would then surely have so bad metrics amazon would take action

just bought one from them now


I bet they’ll be one of the outfits that manipulate their feedback by counteracting negs by somehow leaving multiple fake positives, as we have seen and reported in the past.


pi store are currently on 89% feedback

I have listed against the amber spyglass Philip Pullman duplicate listing and brought their price down to 1.11 + postage

this is one title they have a-z claimed on twice whereby I am on the original for higher


You run the risk of Amazon suspending your account if they find out. They will see it as you trying to get another seller suspended then you will be in an even worse position.

Out of curiosity what did you purchase as you never know they might buy it from me.


the amber spyglass - I am cheapest on both the duplicate (to drive their price down) and the normal one (I have three currently in stock)


You purchased an item you are selling. That’s risky!


my copy is only acceptable the pi store copy is good.

Mainly a test purchase to see what happens


Unfortunately you’d also be certainly penalising the poor fellows who actually supply the goods


oh yes , never thought of that