Dropshippers and a-z claims


Quick update, drop shipper Mary Zhou is Sunrise Infinity (confirmed by end buyer today) and it looks like they are a US company.


Had an A-Z from a Landon Thomas / SHRI BHAGWAN MITTAL of WN6 0EY.

Seen the Mittal name pop up on this thread before. Is it the same person?

It is ‘under review’ by amazon - any tips on how to proceed?


Murat’s been going for years. I swear they cycle through the names they use for the email messages. We had another order from NOR this morning.We are sticking to our policy of cancelling prior to dispatch as “shipping address undeliverable” as we have established that, according to his A-Z claim record, every address he has ever provided in his buying history (certainly with us) is undeliverable.


i have had many orders from MURAT and NOR I think they are both PI STore

Its only the last few months they have been claiming non-delivery, previous orders have not been claimed.

its a bit stupid of them really as the dropshipping market (according to their feedbacks) is huge and all these claims are going to get them (apart from money back) is most of us ‘proper’ sellers cancelling their orders or refunding after a couple of weeks so their customers will claim from them for non-delivery and they will lose out also.


It’s getting to the point where enough genuine sellers are leaving Amazon that you wonder where they are going to source their stock? We often see more dropsellers on a listing than sellers we know to hold actual stock in house.


We probably get about 5 of these refunded per day - it’s absolutely infuriating and amazon do nothing about it regardless of how blatant it is. We go through and cancel the fraudulent buyers like Nor that we’re aware of, but increasingly they’re using multiple accounts with lower numbers of orders so it’s less obvious.

On .com a year or so ago we had 3 customers (who were probably the same person) claim over 100 refunds, and amazon just kept refunding them over and over.

Amazon don’t seem remotely concerned with sellers being defrauded. I’ve asked so many times for someone to speak to about this, but it’s just banging your head against a brick wall.


one of the big hurdles is as you say there is nobody at amazon you can actually report it to.

open a case and get bot answers
appeal an a-z with links and proof and get ignored.
go round and round in circles on the help & contact us pages to find no help at all.

and then pay amazon £500 PER WEEK in fees


Strangely enough, I’ve just sold a book (on a genuine ISBN/ASIN) where all the other sellers were dropshippers with generic condition notes (‘Dust jacket may be missing… may be missing components, e.g. missing DVDs, CDs, Access Code, etc. Spine may show signs of wear…etc etc’).
As far as I can tell, there is only one other edition that is available at a slightly cheaper price from a genuine seller, and that listing is also dominated by dropshippers (apart from the cheaper ‘real’ seller).

What a tangled web…


Deffo dropshipper - is he a ‘business seller’ if so I have had multiple claims granted to him


Had an appeal turned down from MURAT - they gave him the money back and guess what



Yes, it’s come up as a ‘business customer’.


I’ve had orders from that ‘Amazon Customer too. I worked out what their likely selling name{s} is/are from a bit of googling but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to put it here in the public domain.
If names and addresses are regularly posted I’m pretty sure this thread will be closed down and another valuable topic will be lost.
If you search the US seller forum they get a few mentions there.


That’s a good point. I have removed my post.

Have you had issues with them in the past?


I don’t recall INR issues with that particular dropshipper but I haven’t had a huge number of orders from them…yet :open_mouth:


My earlier reply somehow ended up in the wrong thread but I meant to add that they are very close to another big dropshipper in the same US city…which may or may not be a coincidence…:pig2::airplane:


You can, I have, and won. It was two used books sent I think by Special Delivery - it was a while ago. Buyer insisted they’d not signed for it and RM could not categorically say otherwise. I think I had to follow up the online form with a phone call ten or so days later but they sent a cheque for the full retail amount and no nonsense about providing them invoices showing the cost price - which I rarely have anyway.

Though . . . I’d probably take this as the exception that breaks the rule - I’d certainly not rely upon it ever being repeated.


Well, I have reported MURAT & NOR using the ‘report a violation’ form but this morning I gate a £15.00 order from MURAT.

does he really think I am going to post it?


Slightly ashamed to admit that I placed an order with one of the big dropshippers a few days ago. Before doing so I scoured the net to try and find where they were sourcing this book but couldn’t find any copies listed for less than double what the dropshipper was asking. They apparently had three copies in stock.

So, I placed the order on the 14th of January and it was marked as dispatched on the 16th. This morning I received the following message:

Hi [my name]:

Thank you for shopping with us. Amazon seller Mr Ind Books EU would like to follow up on your recent return.

Message from seller Mr Ind Books EU:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase. When we tried to dispatch your order, we realized that the quality of the item was not good enough to be sent. For this reason, we have cancelled your order but we don’t want you to have any negative thoughts about this purchasing experience.

I will propose some solutions to try to please you at the most:

  1. I can issue a refund for this item so you can get it from another seller or local bookstore since I couldn’t find another one to send to you

  2. I can send you another book which can be chosen from our online library and we will supply it. Please make sure that the one you will choose has the same price as your previous order.

To reach our library : https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&me=A2M9LVCNL8WXWU&merchant=A2M9LVCNL8WXWU

I am waiting for your next email about your preferences.

Best Regards

You can send a message to the seller Mr Ind Books EU by replying to this e-mail.

You can review Amazon’s return policies by clicking here. If you are not satisfied with your return experience, please contact us. If you were contacted inappropriately by the seller, please report this message.

We hope to see you again soon.

The subject of the message was “Follow-up on your return for Amazon order 205-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx” despite the fact that I haven’t requested a return, nor even contacted the seller since placing the order.


Ask for photos of the book. Tell them you might still be interested despite the condition, you just need to see it. Should be fun to see their response.


So this is obviously their tactic if they cannot source one cheaper than the customer has paid. YET they marked it as despatched - another lie.

What a load of con-artists and rogues.