Dropshippers and a-z claims


Their feedback has a suspiciously high number of gushingly positive comments.

Either they’ve perfected the art of using highly efficient sellers to dropship their orders, or there is some sort of feedback manipulation going on…or a bit of both.

Another thing to bear in mind with dodgy dropshippers is that any positive feedbacks they receive should really be going to the sellers (like us) who fulfil their orders.


Incidentally I was monitoring this and other dropshippers but my last entry was back in April 2019 after which I gave up.

I scrolled back through to see if the negs I’d made screenshots of at the time were still showing but they were gone, so I’m sure they have had at least some negs removed.

You have to go back quite a long way to see negatives.

Weirdly, several of their positive FBs have negative comments like this:

5 out of 5 stars
Charged £21.11 from amazon.When book arrived it was not new.Invoice with book stated charge of £2.80 as book was in good condition with slight tan on pages.Refund has not been put into my account.
By annexx on 12 July 2019.


It may be the refund has a positive feedback clause


So what feedback have you left them?


Nothing yet but already have a good idea how many stars it will contain.

Sent them a message asking why I was told the book had dispatched on the 16th only to then be told on the 18th that it hadn’t been dispatched, also questioned why they were now listing a copy at six times the price I had paid. Amazon tell me that I can’t open an A2Z until the end of the estimated delivery window which is 31st of January to 10th of February. Not sure I’ll wait that long to get a refund though.


I wonder what they will offer you to remove it.


I’m cheap and have few morals. Just putting that out there.



More like an email like the following when I left negative for a drop shipper who cancelled my order and then the price jumped up + £100 and of course I mentioned the fact in my feedback :wink:

"I would like to thank you for purchasing from me and I am very sorry for the problem you faced.I have seen your feedback and I looked into the matter.

We had to cancel your item due to a technical problem and you were sent a confirmation e-mail. I have removed the item in the listing but it needs to get updated. Please do not order with us till we fix the problem.

I am sorry I couldn’t provide you an excellent service which you deserve but sometimes we cannot just stop the problems happen.

Please do not get a feeling we are not a responsible seller at this marketing.
I will be more careful next time. Please give us a second chance. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number 1 priority!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for your pleasure."


As a seller, if you leave another seller negative feedback and they let Amazon know you are a competitor Amazon will A) Remove the feedback and B) More than likely give you a policy warning.


Ouch. That’s frustrating. Will bear it in mind.


Due to experiences, as a seller I no longer leave any feedback or any reviews as Amazon treat negative feedback and positive reviews as manipulation. Sad, but I value my seller account too much to take the risk.


Hi all

General question regarding this.

We are finding that every claim is for a Large Letter size item, is this the same for everyone else?

Thanking you, David


Then Neutral is the way to go. On Amazon it’s almost as bad as a Negative


I no longer leave feedback full stop as negative is viewed as trying to sabotage another seller and positive is viewed as manipulation. I’m sure neutral would also be viewed as trying to screw a competitor so I just don’t bother anymore.


I have left negative feedback, if I buy from anyone if the service is crap then that’s what I say and my feedback wasn’t removed. I also reported one seller after having 8 emails from them asking me to remove the feedback.


Then you were lucky in this instance. I value my seller account too much to risk it by leaving feedback.


I have left negative feedback on 3/4 occasions so I don’t think it’s about luck it’s all been factual (with none of the don’t buy from this seller nonsense) and as I said since I had to report one seller Amazon must have been aware.


I don’t think I’m getting my book. Oh well… On the plus side their offer has now disappeared from the product page so it seems like they managed to fix the technical issue.

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for this email. This may be an issue with the technical update of the page. We are going to fix it, than you for letting me know.

Regarding the photo of the book, unfortunately we cannot send the picture as when we make the inspection of books and find out the condition is not adequate, we directly send them to a depot.

We would to apologize again for the inconvenience




where is the report a violation button. regards


This is what I got with the link

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you wish to report against seller PI Store as you believe that this seller is filing A-Z claims on the orders placed in your selling account. Please allow me to address your concern.

Please know that,Different teams own the various features where a buyer can violate Community Rules and Sellers have the ability to report violations directly to those teams without needing to engage Selling Partner Support.

Hence I would advise you to report against this buyer using the direct link below: