Dropshippers and a-z claims


Had an order from a ‘gunda lusche dunn’ based in France. Again a low value book that would wipe out any profit and cost me money if sent via a tracked service.

Has anyone come across this dropshipper before?


How do you know they are a dropshipper


We operate a 1 strike policy with dropshippers. dont cause us grief and you are fine but claim anything fraudulently and you get blacklisted, any future orders get cancelled outright, We are not above writing to the customer to confirm receipt of an order.


A long outstanding claim for £6.35 going back to the beginning of November for NOR FIL has been granted but funded by Amazon themselves. In this instance I had no tracking at all nor any confirmation from the recipient that the book had been delivered although I had raised a case with SS which seemed to collapse.

It is worth battling on


Hi Ya

We are getting loads of claims, all Large Letter - has this been the trend or are you and others getting claims for packet items? We are using the 2D Royal Mail barcodes.


This may help explain your increase in claims…


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This is good

A claim by MURAT has been closed and not even funded by Amazon. In this case I had 2D tracking from RM and also email confirmation from the recipient that they had had the item. Although I was not required to upload or prove that communication.

Following on from yesterday’s Amazon funded claim to NOR FIL, it looks as if Amazon may be finally dealing with this issue of fraudulent INR claims


Let’s hope so, but it would be better still if they tackled the root cause, which is a the bogus duplicate ASIN scam and the dodgy sellers who base their business on it.

I wonder if anyone senior at Amazon is aware of the extent of the ‘duplicate catalogue’ and - if so - is planning to do something about it?

It’s almost beyond belief that one of the world’s biggest software giants has allowed its site to be gamed for so long.


It isn’t just the duplicate listings. Some dropshippers are selling on the same ASIN. They will sell a used copy (obviously cheaper than the new item) and then order the new item from the genuine seller. This model relies 100% on fraudulent non delivery claims.


It seems another scam some are using is to sell an item (used or new) over on the bay cheaper than anyone else, then they buy on amazon knowing they can get their money back. this also relies on 100% a-z’s being granted.


I think some also list ‘new’ on genuine ASINs at hugely inflated prices then order ‘used’ if/when an order comes in.


I don’t really know, but it strikes me as highly implausible that the business model of the bad boys of drip shipping relies on claiming INRs on all transactions. I don’t think they would have got away with that even this long. Even the aforementioned bad boy Murat has only claimed on three out of ten orders from me and in fact only succeed in obtaining one refund, though that is still one too many.


Yes but that’s just 3 of your orders, what about all of the other sellers there must be loads that just dont ever post on these boards including new sellers who get caught.


I’ve regrettably had to go to extremes today. Two days ago I had a book to list that had 4 duplicates. One was merged immediately; one took two explanatory followups; one took five; the fourth reached eight back and forth emails, including “we can’t merge these because they have different hazmat classification”, before I gave up and put in a new case. Six exchanges later, I gave up.

So today, I gave up. Ten books to list, at least 4 duplicates on 9 of them. I’m just listing against every fake now, it’s less work than fighting with seller support for merges.


I have a dropshipper that has done this 8 times with me using 6 different buying accounts (that I am aware of). I did write to a recipient who told me they bought a used item from the same ASIN as my new item that I received an A-Z claim against


I tried that a couple of times, mostly as an experiment.

What I found was that within minutes of me listing at a reasonable price, the high-priced listings from the usual rogues all vanished from the ASINs I listed against.
That ASIN then disappeared from search results, to be replaced by yet other duplicates that weren’t there before.
That doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough for me to regard listing against dupes as mostly wasted effort.

I suppose it’s possible that at least some of the new duplicate ASINs had been hidden away beneath the ‘triangles’ and were somehow reactivated.

The mystery remains - why does Amazon’s system promote these overpriced duplicates at all?

My theory is that Amazon algorithms detect when ‘New’ copies have been added in quantity and promote the ASINs that have them over genuine ISBNs that have no new copies.
I’m not sure this theory really holds water as I’ve seen exceptions but it’s hard to understand what other mechanism is at work.

An alternative explanation would point to complete and total corruption of the catalogue system but I don’t want to believe in that sort of deep conspiracy…yet. :open_mouth:


i have listed ‘acceptable’ copies on duplicates at around a pound plus shipping (the dropshippers don’t go below a pound) for copies that you can buy for less than £2.70 on the normal listing (that’s what you get after fees) if the dropshippers reduce their prices to the pound then they make no profit on their ‘good’ copies.

I have sold a few like this and have mostly had the book in stock but have gone to wob or similar to buy then for my customer otherwise.

had one yesterday that I managed to buy for £1.90 and made an 80p profit!


Presumably you got them to dropship to avoid losing money on the sale?
Seems a bit risky, relying on the likes of WoB to fulfil a sale!

As I said, I know these dupes can sell and it’s amusing watching the rogues’ software falling over itself to match your price but it’s not something you could do on a regular basis. Not without using the same sort of software as do the dodgy dropshippers themselves, at least. :flushed:


i would not know what software they use unfortunately or I could make a killing!