Dropshippers and a-z claims


Bargainbookman. i now send everything to dropshippers signed delivery through amazon shipping. I also send amazon an email highlighting the fact a dropshipper is purchasing a book from me which violates their rules. I then inform the dropshipper that I have informed amazon of their dropshipping and the fact I will be putting a letter in with the book asking the recipient to confirm delivery. seems to be working for me.


I appealed the a-z once again with all the order numbers and got this:

Hello,Thank you for taking the time to provide us with additional information regarding the claim on order 205-8753695-6556314. Upon further review, we have decided to uphold our original decision

and i am paying them more than 2k per month in fees for this shoddy service


I have had a ‘business’ order from Pieuler Limited (they have just emailed asking me to upload the invoice separately and to not include it with the order) but the book is only worth £7.50 and to be honest I am loath to send it. Has anyone actually had any issues with Pieuler claiming none receipt? Especially when i see they have charged the customer £15.00



i have had claims from this buyer


Cheers, I have emailed them and told them that I will include a letter with the order asking the buyer to confirm in writing (email or text) that they have received it and that the actual buyer address is only a couple of miles from my house, I also said I would include the price and asked them if they wished to cancel to use the order cancellation function.

Could they leave a neg if I just cancelled (obviously I would let them know that that is what I had decided to do)


R, you do need to upload an invoice now, the new policy came in this week I think. Up till now you could email it or put in the parcel, but now you have to upload to Amazon for all Business customers.


I wasn’t concerned about that (I already upload all business invoices) and I would have done that anyway but in my letter to the actual buyer I just wanted them to know how much I was actually selling the book for.

I just know that this will end in the usual con of them claiming it wasn’t sent and me showing that it was but Amz siding with Pieuler and granting an a-z and me being furious.


It’s high time Amazon cleared all these rogues off the platform.

Amazon are kicking off sellers for ‘price gouging’ but these people (the high price duplicate dropshippers) who wrote the book on price gouging are still allowed to pollute the catalogue.

Shameful. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It’s so stressful and really isn’t worth it for the value of the sale and yes it is abysmal that Amazon sanction such sellers.


I had an order £6.99 plus shipping from ‘AMAZON CUSTOMER’ today

they have claimed several times so I just cancelled the order. this stops an a-z and the worst they can do is leave a neg.


Did you run an order report to see who the drop shipper was?


so difficult to read or locate an order ( i have sold over 100 items in the last 24 hours)


What you lucky so and so. I have had a little flurry but have upped my hours at RM to make up for the dismal sales this month.


Yes they could and probably will after letting them know what you have done. I wouldn’t give the buyer any information that would provoke them into leaving negative feedback. I would have included a packing slip with the goods as they will never know unless the end user complains about the prices. If you’re lucky they may well leave your buyer negative feedback.

If you don’t mind me asking how do you know how much they charged their buyer.


Download the report > open in Excel or Numbers > search for the order number > scroll across the fields and see the buyer name and address and recipient name and address. It only takes a moment.


I wouldn’t buy the new copy!
£1,157.41 FREE Delivery - SerendipityBooksLtd and BooksforGB are in Germany. I’ve had issues with them in the past. As for the £3.60 copy I couldn’t find it?


I always tell the drop shipper what I am going to put in my letter to the end buyer, they then have the option to cancel.

It also provides a trail for Amazon which incidentally helped me win my last a-z against a drop shipper who claimed none receipt.

I just searched for the title on their store front and they have a couple of bogus listings and I checked the ranking.


Has anyone ever dealt with dropshipper named ‘Sharath’?

I’ve discovered they’ve ordered from me before but the last order was a couple of years ago. Wanted to check they were still legit and not one who claims non delivery.



not heard of this one


One of the notorious drop-shippers that claim for every order is now operating under the name of “Mark”. The standard “refund” email came from them last night saying “package not arrived”. I’ve just done an order report and address is ENDER MALKOC - CANTON MA US. I can’t remember which of the other fraudster operated from the above address (I’ve not shown all of it^^) but the address and Google Maps shows the same location of this fraudster/s. The email he sent me last night (via Amazon) gave his name as “Mark CANE”. Beware.