Dropshippers and a-z claims


thanks for the update


Just had a claim from MARK


I’ve had lots of mail go missing to a regular business customer at the address “Crusader Industrial Estate”?

They’ve always been fantastic customers in the past, and I’m 100% confident they are genuine, but I’ve lost loads to this address lately. :frowning:


Yes we have as well. I’ve been in contact with Royal Mail as scanning of items stopped in early February 2020 for some reason (before the Corona virus outbreak hit UK big time) so wonder if there is an issue with the address or something else. RM said it my be weeks by the time they get back to us though because of COVID-19.


Yes, I think it’s an issue with the industrial estate (my account manager reckons).


We’ve had one go missing there today. Posted on 23rd March - tracking shows that it delivery hasn’t even been attempted. Maybe there is a problem with the sorting office?


Same here. 2 of mine that were signed-for have gone missing with no trace. Another 4 (non signed-for) also missing/lost. I’m expecting more claims from them. My Royal Mail account manager has tried to contact the local depot that services that industrial estate… waiting for a reply. The business has been very good to us over the years, but lately something has changed, and it’s not their fault.


Now I know that it isn’t just us affected, I’ve just emailed our customer and explained that the problem is likely at their depot, and sent a copy of our shipping label (with the barcode) in case that helps them to investigate. I’ve asked her to check with their depot also, hopefully that may throw some light on it. I agree, we have been sending to them for years, and it is in no one’s interest to have to stop sending to them if it is a RM issue. I’ll contact our RM account manager tomorrow.


It would be a shame to lose their business for good. Not sure what else to do though if their address is causing Royal Mail problems. I have a hunch someone from Royal Mail (who isn’t familiar with their address) has delivered them to another address. My account manager says this happens often with shared units of this type. Quite surprised she admitted that… :smile:


Probably number 11 not 11b has the books



I emailed my customer last night explaining that the problem might be the sorting office, and provided her with a copy of our postage label 2D barcode from our parcel (via RM Click & Drop. She has managed to find our parcel this morning - and said that she has had a number of parcels go missing recently. It may be worth you doing the same as it does really seem like an RM problem. Fingers crossed for you.


edited to say - just been contacted by the buyer to say they have found the book I recently refunded. Appreciate their honesty.

All is good


Missed this yesterday… Same happened to me about 2 years ago. Suddenly several parcels went “undelivered” and I had to refund, until I started using signed for and none were ever lost again. Strange how none of the undelivered parcels was ever returned to me by RM…


I spoke to soon. They have contacted me with ANOTHER claim of order not received. Sigh.


Yep, just had an INR from MARY to which I’ve responded . . .

This order was shipped on Mon, 24 Feb 2020 by Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class with Tracking Number KB—GB and was delivered on Wed, 26 Feb 2020 and duly signed for by the named recipient S** G**** - confirmation of the delivery and a copy of the signature can be viewed at https://www3.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/tracking-results/KB---GB.

Now for the A_Z which I’m cool about - I’ll win.


Under the current crisis measures, I wonder if we will still be punished in our metrics if we cancel a sale to a known dodgy dropshipper?


Oh I’m sorry to hear that. It makes me wary to post to them again.


I have done 3 recently all the same drop shipper and have just told them this evening that I am about to cancel another, I refuse to be conned.


Well done. I just hope you don’t get any comeback (like a hit to your metrics).

Let’s put these scummy dropshippers in their place…behind bars, preferably


Another fraudulent claim from drop shipper Mark. Order report gives their address ENDER MALKOC 02021-1687 US

Was this the same address Nor was using?