Dropshippers and a-z claims


I include the amazon packing slip, which includes the price and customisation details.

On other sites I include an invoice.

I print them all out mainly so I don’t loose track etc, so I just stick them into the box/bag/envelope when its packed.


Not all packing slips include pricing details.


dunno, i know when I click on multiple orders and print packing slips they all have purchase price on them.

Maybe you can change it? I never bothered


This has been discussed before on other threads.
Sellers with older accounts who have been selling for many years do not have the prices on their packing slips, it seems only more recent accounts do.


Ahh didn’t know that - only been around for a few months, so still finding my way.


I wouldn’t be too sure about that - feedback manipulation is (or was) rife among these dropshippers/duplicate merchants.
I had a quick skim through the feedbacks of some of the usual culprits and it looks to me like they are still manufacturing fake feedbacks on a big scale.

Having said that, some of the most notorious (like JBWorld) seem to have vanished…for now.


By the way, this is how I suspect most of their feedback profiles would look if the fake positives were all removed…



…and despite all those negs they are still on 99% lifetime positive - but obviously given up as nothing for over a year.
Just shows how skewed the system is.


Given up - or booted off?


Yes, crazy, isn’t it?
It seems the last few pages of almost 100% negative FBs are the true picture, probably due to them losing their ability to create false positives.

Since the epic thread on fake feedbacks I don’t trust any seller FB at first glance, which is a shame as I’m sure most are honest and hard-won.
It’s these few rotten apples that are spoiling Amazon for the rest of us.

It was actually Ki*a (she-who-must-not-be-mentioned) who explained how easy it is to create fake feedbacks using Amazon vouchers.


Probably just changed the name of his buyer account


…and that is where he is going totally against Amazon’s T&Cs and Amazon are at fault for not adhering to their own rules and allowing it.
There should be some sort of total block/inability to submit an A-Z without first contacting the seller - how hard would that be for their IT bods ?


The six orders I sent out on behalf of Nor were maps. So far I have had four A-Z claims from “him” in the last three months saying “order not delivered” - all granted by Amazon. I know at least two of the orders did arrive and that they were ordered through a company on Amazon that is based in the USA.

I have reported Nor.


Absolutely, I agree 100%. In my response to all these claims I have laboured the point about the fact they were all opened in breach of policy, and that the buyer is a fraud. The last 5 orders I sent were signed for and all had A-Zs out of the blue. Amazon denied 4 of the 5 saying, “In this case, the claim was filed out of policy or we detected customer activity that violated our policies.” The fact they were signed for or not didn’t seem to be a factor, and I previously won an A-Z against another fraudulent dropshipper for the same reasons, even though the package was not signed for and only had basic tracking.

I am in credibly annoyed that the last A-Z was granted, despite being signed for. On appeal, I pointed out the A-Z was both opened and closed in breach of Amazon’s policy but the decision was upheld.


Are you sure about that?

A lot of these dodgy dropshippers send you a ‘where’s my stuff’ / ‘please supply tracking number’ message almost as soon as they’ve placed the order.

I’ve a nasty feeling that this counts as ‘making contact’ and paves the way for them to open an AZ.

I shudder when I receive one of those emails from a dropshipper as I know it can be a sign of trouble ahead…
On the whole, the AZ process stinks.

I’ve been buying from marketplace for over fifteen years and I’ve never taken out an AZ claim.
These dropshipping ‘professional buyers’ take out AZs routinely and thereby show total lack of professional courtesy to the people who are their suppliers - it reveals them for the virtual crooks they are.
Amazon should have put measures in place long ago to stop them defrauding legit sellers.
They must be able to see these people are abusing the system but they apparently ignore their dirty deeds and put all the onus on us, who have no powers to do anything about it.


I’ve always found the ‘where’s my stuff/please supply tracking’ brigade are no trouble at all. They seem to be Chinese dropshippers, who want to have a tracking number to protect themselves against claims of non-delivery from their own customers.

But as you say, making any kind of contact with the seller for 1 order seems to unlock the possibility of then making A-Z claims against any number of other orders without any contact for those orders, and so that’s what the dodgiest dropshippers do. All totally in breach of Amazon policy. It’s probably easier for them to just hit the claim button than faff about sending a message to the seller which may not result in an immediate refund. Crime must be so tiring.


we always operate a strike policy with dropshippers, if they dont casue any grief then fine but raise an atoz for inr then you get a strike and you dont order from us any more.


There doesn’t seem to be any kind of consistency. Some orders receive a “where’s my stuff” around 24 hours after they’re placed but for some the first communication we receive is a notification from Amazon that they have found a claim in the buyer’s favour.


Yes, the harmless dropshippers send a “Where’s my stuff” message very promptly, but in my experience at least, they are no further trouble and are simply requesting a tracking humber. They are not the same buyers whose first contact is a message saying “Package did not arrive” and who then subsequently put in A-Zs for all their other orders with no contact for those orders whatsoever.

In response to the concept of ‘one strike and you’re out’ with these people, part of the problem is that they place a whole load of orders within minutes of each other, and then 30 days later, you discover they are criminals when they make a whole load of A-Zs within minutes of each other. Unfortunately here is no opportunity to blacklist or reject orders.


new a-z dropshipper


had another suspected ‘wheres my stuff’ from October so expecting another a-z shortly, will post buyers name if it happens