Dropshippers and a-z claims


Reported our friend Nor and the case has been transferred. That was a week ago…


If you can find out - through asking one of the actual buyers - who this Nor person (company name etc) is you could all club together (set up a page on Facebook) take your specifics to a lawyer and ask for their advice for your specifics for the best jurisdiction to sue in. That will stop him in his tracks. Incidentally I think he also scams US sellers too.


I’ve had an A-Z claim for Nor Fil which has been outstanding for about a week, it’s not (yet) been granted although according to the usual Amazon rules I don’t have any defence as it was a non tracked delivery. They are also not asking me for any information. Here’s hoping that they are doing a proper investigation into this chancer


It appears that @outdoorsindoors has already obtained that info :smile:


I have Adrian, just pondering on my next step.


Another order from Nor - so still very much active


I wouldn’t get your hopes up. My 4th A-Z from Nor was granted in his/her favour the other day… this one was also pending for about a week. I thought Amazon was going to deny it, but I woke up to an email saying they had granted it in Nor’s favour. I was gutted, and immensely disappointed in the system. It seems Nor will just continue to scam us, and there is nothing we can do about it :frowning:


I have cancelled 3 orders in the last few days from dropshippers, including one from nor

waiting to see if they leave negative feedbacks for the cancelled orders


How do you stop them when they are buying your fba stock?


for people like NOR, has anyone tried not sending the goods but writing a letter to the end recipient explaining that the seller they bought from is dishonest etc and therefore the goods have not been sent.
The result hopefully would be that the buyer would buy elsewhere, place a claim in to NOR, give horrendous feedback, and hopefully spoil his reputation. The sale to NOR would be refunded as “Undeliverable Address” as soon as he makes contact.


for me the fear of negative feedback is greater than the fear of an a-z
the a-z’s are 0.17% so plenty of room to avoid suspension

however the feedback reducing could cost a lot more money in reduced sales.

its a bit of a balancing act of picking out the dropshippers and then either cancelling or marking as shipped but not shipping then refunding on first contact.

I am trying a little of both to see which works best.


Just be careful with this approach bargainbookman1. The recent (November?) updated terms of the A-Z state that the buyer has to contact you and wait 48 hours for the seller (us) to respond before opening an A-Z claim. Unfortunately (in my recent experience anyway) there is a loop-hole where that if the buyer has previously contacted you regarding a previous order, can then open an A-Z instantly on any future orders. How do I know this? It happened to me last week and Amazon would not accept this particular A-Z was in breach of the new 48hr window. Basically that means - first contact from the buyer could be an A-Z claim, and Amazon will not accept an appeal that you have not had the 48hrs.


Came across her on a duplicate which I merged last week, based in Buenos Aires, but I’ve forgotten the selling name; she’s not hiding herself though, the info about seller page has her details. If I see her again I’ll let you know the seller name.


I’ll return to my hobby horse, because it appears that word has been circulated around the support associates and sense has begun to prevail again… Merge, merge, merge. Over the last week, merges have started being done without questioning once again, so it’s now just a case of copying and pasting the ISBN and the rogue ASIN into a box.

While I recognise that for some of you there feels like far too much inventory to check for fake duplicates, it’s a judgment call as to which is more costly; making sure that your inventory is not shadowed by fake duplicates where the likes of Nor Fil are getting their inflated sales, or dealing with the A-Zs that come about from becoming part of their ahem “supply network”.


yes of course, if everyone was only nice. but they arent so you have to adjust.

if only amazon had common sense, but they dont, complaining about it will achieve zero. making changes in your business will achieve whatever you set out to.

Work with what is happening, not what you expect should happen.

I agree with you, but you put a full stop at the end of what you expected amazon to do, there is your problem, it should be a commar and then your brain thinks how to work around what is actually happening. not putting the blame on amazon (which it is correct to do so) then ending the discussion because this achieves precisely zero.

make the changes you need to.


just had two more orders from nor - marked as despatched but will not send and then refund when they ask 'wheres my package;

interestingly this account of theirs is only showing 3 orders from them in total so they must have more than one buyers account.


Sorry to hear. I’d be genuinely interested to know if you receive a ‘where’s my package’ email, or if it goes straight to an A-Z like mine did…


what i might do to avoid the a-z’s is to refund on the last date in the delivery window. Then when he gets HIS customer asking where the package is, her will see the refund has been done so no need to open an a-z



Been following this thread from a distance. I’ve had messages recently from users who appear to be dropshippers,

Landon Thomas

All ordered around the same time and all with a very similar message about items not arriving. No problems from any buyer whose name matches the delivery address name.

Has anyone come across these 3 before?



This sounds like the only way forward to deal with this.

Will doing this affect the accounts standing in any way? Does too many refunds upset amazon?